The Global Coherance Initiative – Working Together For A Better World

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My affinity for world music naturally extends to a great appreciation of world culture in general.  Out of this has grown a real motivation as well as sense of personal responsibility to preserve this valuable aspect of humanity in all of its delicious diversity through focused attention to the general overall well-being of our wonderful planet.  It is my sincere hope that all of the many peoples of the world learn to appreciate their ethnic differences rather than fear them and work together in harmony to co-create a world in which we all can live with a true sense of global  peace, security, and stability.  It is with this vision in mind that I have become an active member in the Gobal Coherence Initiative.  

The Global Coherance Initiative (GCI)’s mission is to re-create our planet as a haven of peace and total well-being on all levels, through the deliberate activation of the collective global consciousness of  its members. This scientifically-based organization bases its philosophy and actions upon the results of actual research studies which have determined the power of  positive heartfelt emotions to effect the mind  and ultimately enhance the outcome of ones intentions in extraordinary ways. CGI strengthens the presence of such powerful emotions amongst its membership by connecting globally conscious individuals with like-minded intentions of goodwill, educating  its membership about ways to increase their hearts’ effectiveness in fulfilling its role as a powerful catalyse of feelings of peace, harmony, and security, guiding its members as to when, where and how to most effectively focus their heartfelt energies both individually and collectively towards the accomplishment of a state of total well-being both with respect to themselves and more importantly the world as a whole, and monitoring organizational progress towards the attainment of its goals, while communicating the results to the membership.

If the current status of our world at large is of concern to you in any way (i.e. politically, economically, climatically, etc.) then I suggest you click on the link to CGI’s web site and have a look around. I assure  you that contributing your heartfelt energies  of goodwill on a global scale will not only be of benefit to the entire planet, but to your personal life as well, in numerous and imeasurable ways.   


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