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Musical Geography – An Interactive Map to World Music @

Did you ever wonder just exactly where a particular country of musical interest to you might be located? On the other hand, perhaps maybe, you would just like to have a view of  all of the countries of the world, so that you can truly be aware of  just all there is out there to explore in the vast and diverse universe of world music. Well, this handy interactive world map should meet all your geographic needs quite nicely.

This map is the beginning of a website which I started some time ago ( However, due to technical difficulties I have had to put the project on hold for awhile, hence the blog. Trust me though, you still have access to quite a useful little tool here when it comes to your musical exploration of the world. If you poke around a little, you will discover that it is quite detailed in its coverage, right down to the smallest of little islands situated out there in the gigantic ocean- literally in the middle of nowhere! While working with the creators of this map as they adapted it specifically for my site, I was amazed at  the huge number of  the world’s countries which I discovered in the process. What an education! I cannot wait to explore them all from a musical standpoint.

So go ahead and explore a little bit  and see what you can discover for yourself. Just click on the continent of your choice and you will be directed to a more detailed rendition of the area. I will caution you, however, that this is still somewhat of a work in progress  and could definitely use some fine tuning in parts, but nonetheless it still serves its purpose quite well.

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