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Asian Folk Music CDs in the Boston Public Library

Asia Music 1Hopefully, you will be fortunate enough to be able to attend the Japanese shakuhachi flute performance given by virtuoso Phil Nyokai James (See post 5/10/09). There’s a good chance that after hearing such intriguing music, you will have developed quite the appetite to hear more like it!  So in light of this, I thought I’d just let you in our some of our great local resources here at the BPL as far as recorded Asian folk music is concerned. For your additional convenience, you can reserve copies of any item in our collection online via our library catalog and you will be notified when the item is in and ready to be picked-up. Here is some of what we have to offer, but this list is not complete, so be sure and browse our entire collection of Asian music cds. Remember, if a title which interests you is currently checked-out, just hop onto our reserve list.

1. The Rough Guide to the Music of Vietnam – Various artists

2. Vietnam: Reves et Realite = Dream & Reality – Bach Yen & Tran Quan Hai

3. Japan, Koto – Various artists

4. Japanese Drums – Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko

5. Nihon no Fesutibaru = Music of Japanese Festivals –  Various artists

6. Traditional Music of the Japanese Geisha – Various artists

7. Ancient Music from the Chinese Dynasties – Various artists

8. Chine: l’Empire du Milieu = China: the Middle Kingdom – Shan Di Orchestra

9. Chinese Bamboo Flute Music – Various artists

10. Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa & Qin – Cheng Yu  


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Japanese Bamboo Flute Master Phil Nyokai James in Concert at the Boston Public Library – (May 14th – Thursday at 2:00 p.m.)

Shaku 12Phil Nyokai James has been performing on the Japanese shakuhachi  (bamboo) flute for over 25 years and holds the title of Shihan (master) on this instrument from the Ki Sui An school, where he also attained his professional Japanese name. As a teacher and composer as well as performer, he is extremely dedicated to his instrument  and has been featured on the public radio program Weekend America (scroll down to middle of linked page). He has also recorded his own cds, the latest, just released last year, is entitled Dreaming of Waking Up.

The shakuhachi flute, known for its peaceful sound, lends itself naturally to the art of meditation and is commonly played by Buddhist monks. Mr. Nyokai James, himself,  is well versed in the area of music and its role in the Buddhist religion, and has authored a pamphlet entitled Listening as part of a publisher’s series on the subject of “Buddhist Musicianship”. In an excerpt he writes: “Buddhist Musicianship is a radical return to the basics of working with sound, emphasizing concentration, mindfulness, personal discipline, attentive listening, breathing, community, and compassion.”

This multi-talented musician began his career as a composer of classical music. He has performed on and composed for piano, as well as other keyboard and electronic instruments. You can enjoy a number of his compositions on MySpace and his electronic music webpage. He has also participated in cooperative projects with dancers and other performing artists and enjoyed success in the areas of video and experimental film production as well. As the owner of his own recording label “Sparkling Beatnik  Records”, he has become a leader in the promotion of traditional Japanese and contemporary improvisational music.  




Concert details:

Phil 1Where: Boston Public Library @ Copley Square

Venue: Rabb Lecture Hall (Ground floor of the Johnson Building)

When: Thursday, May 14th @ 2:00 p.m.              

Admission: Free to all

For additional info. contact: 617 – 536 – 5400 / x2339

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