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WADaBo – Bringing the Art of West African Dance & Drumming to Boston

west a 1WadaBo stands for West African Dance in Boston and they are  very dedicated group of  local advocates of  West African culture, primarily in its forms of dance, drumming and other music. Their efforts also encompass the Diaspora as well. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the migration of a people to other parts of the world. As you can imagine, when the traditional West African culture is combined with that of  other regions of the world, new and exciting dance and music genres emerge.

The main focus of WADaBo is in the area of classes and workshops. They have a full calendar of ongoing classes available, mostly on the arts of West African dance and drumming, held conveniently on evenings and weekends throughout the area. Classes being conducted in other parts of New England are also listed on their website. A highlight of  WADaBo’s educational efforts is the recruiting of outside artists to come to the Boston area in order to conduct workshops and master classes as well as to perform. It is hoped that the organization can ultimately keep local teachers and students informed and united as a strong cultural community.

Aside from educational events, WADaBo’s website is a good source of information for names of local artists for hire, updates on upcoming concerts, shows, festivals, and other events, West African travel opportunities, and even dance spaces for rent. Subscribe to their mailing list for updated information. Furthermore, if you want to get involved with the West African music and dance community, well here’s your chance. WADaBo is always looking for volunteers to aid them in their most worthy artistic cause. Oh, and one more thing, be sure and check out their blog! 


                 WA Dance 2




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The Black Rose – Live Irish Music Every Night of the Week!

Black Rose 2As I was searching for Irish eateries in Boston that offered live ethnic music on a regularly scheduled basis, I discovered that the task was not a easy as one would assume, being that Boston is known for its rather large Irish population. Now don’t get me wrong, for there are plenty of these establishments that host quite a lot of  Irish music. Its just that it tends to be scheduled irregularly along with other genres, so it is not as easy to pinpoint. The Black Rose however, is one of the few that reliably provides authentic Irish music entertainment every single night of the week! It’s nice to know that whenever you’re in the  mood they are always there to serve you. 

The business is named after a classic Irish poem entitled “Roisin Dubh” or “The Small Black Rose”. Proudly Black Rose 12owning the distinction as one of the nation’s top 10 Irish establishments, this pub/restaurant has become a classic in of itself, a literal local institution who is known for its quality live Irish music entertainment which they have hosted for over 30 years. Past performers at The Black Rose have included such names as members of the Chieftains, James Galway, Tommy Makem, and Liam Clancy. 

All dishes on the menu are home-made- nothing but the real thing here! They offer standard Irish fare as well as traditional American favorites, complete with a kids menu. Here are some snippets from the Irish menu but don’t forget to checkout the whole thing:

Black Rose Burger (pub burger topped with Irish bacon, caramelized onions and sauteed crimini mushrooms)

Bangers & Mash (Irish stout and caramelized onion sausages grilled and served with home-style mashed potatoes, magners gravy and caramelized onions) Black rose 1

Fish & Chips (local Haddock breaded, fried, and served with fries, malt vinegar slaw and tarter sauce)

“Black and White” Bread Pudding (laced with dark and white chocolate, topped with Irish whiskey-hazelnut creme) 
Cookies and Milk (freshly baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies, served with your choice of milk or Guinness)

The music begins at 9:30 every night and on many evenings there is additional Happy Hour entertainment from 4-8 p.m. Just check their schedule for more specific info. or call them at 617-742-2286. They are conveniently located downtown near Quincy Market (State Street or Aquarium T stops) and are open nightly until 2:00 a.m.

                                                black rose 4 


Now here's an idea! Why not give the gift of live Irish music and a great night out to the world music enthusiast in your life. They'll surely appreciate a gift card from The Black Rose.

Now here's an idea! Why not give the gift of live Irish music and a great night out to the world music enthusiast in your life. They'll surely appreciate a gift card from The Black Rose.

 You can conveniently purchase them online.

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Weekend Irish Radio Programming with A Little Italian Thrown in for Good Measure – WROL 950AM

0CMZTSCA0BG05FCAQAY1B3CAZ81I8JCAR2XYPVCA6CM9USCA38F495CASF6FMUCA4TQH73CAE3P0CACA328MWHCAF47MKTCAAQD5ADCAOFWM1LCAS16D59CAZWYIE5CAIOQHSMCA4NTN71CAM3L5LDCAY4NW04WROL 950AM provides 17 hours of Irish or Italian music and general cultural programming each and every weekend. They do however, rely on public support in order to keep it up, so if you’re interested in sponsoring them, the number to call is 617-691-2521. Meanwhile, here is a schedule for all this good stuff:

                                        Radio h 1


6:00 – 8:00 a.m. – The Don Giovanni Show (Hosted by Don Giovanni)

Italian standards performed by well-known American -Italian artists 

10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. – The Irish Hit Parade (Hosted by Paul Sullivan and Matt O’Donnell)

Irish standards as well as contemporary selections 

4:00 – 7:00 p.m. – P.J. & Bridie Show (Hosted by John Fitzgerald and Pamela O’Brien)

More Irish standards as well as contemporary selections Notes




1:00 – 5:00 p.m.- Feast of Irish Music (Hosted by Seamus Mulligan)

In reality, a feast of Irish culture, although plenty of Irish music showcased. Added features include native stories, biographies, folk lore, poetry, comedy, commentary, live news and sports, and more. There’s even a bit of Scottish folk music included for further variety.

5:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Bailey Ceili (Hosted by Bill Bailey)

A ceili is a traditional Irish social gathering which hosts various kinds of entertainment. Again, there is plenty of music on the show along with all else that’s offered. 

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Reggae Fusion Artist Matisyahu’s Tour Comes to Boston – (July 7th – Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.)

natis 2Matisyahu’s popularity rests on his unique style of reggae fusion which is a melding of reggae, hip-hop, and alternative rock sounds. All this is further characterized by the Orthodox Jewish-oriented lyrics to his songs. Matisyahu is this musician’s Hebrew name which he adopted during his various religious experiences in the United States and Israel that led to a spiritual awakening and the discovery of his true self.  He is utterly devoted to his religious beliefs and shares them with the rest of the world through his music. A uniquely rare and interesting gem in the world of reggae, he has become wildly popular both in the United States and abroad.

Matisyahu’s smash hit single “King without a Crown”  made it into the Top 40 in 2004 and into the Modern Rock Top 10 in it’s live version in 2006. This song is included on the album Youth (2004) which achieved gold status as did his first ever album release entitled Live at Stubbs (2005). Youth also hit the top of Billboard’s Digital Album chart in 2006 when the magazine named MatisyahuTop Reggae Artist of the Year“. In 2007, his music was part of the soundtrack of an award documentary film entitled “Unsettled”. 

More recent projects include a guest artist slot on the cd “Instant Karma – Save Dafur”, a musical tribute to John Lennon, and a new album of his own entitled “Light” to be released in August of this year. This Boston appearance is part of huge tour of 35 cities. Here is a sampling of some of his latest music. If you plan to attend the concert, you can expect a exhilarating and enthusiastic show from this artist. Matisyahu’s spirited performances come from the heart of an artist who hopes to make an improvement in the world, as he communicates his messages of world peace and togetherness through his music.   

                                        Matis 3    




Concert Details :

When: July 7th – Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m. 

Where: Bank of America Pavilion

Tickets: $30.00 & $35.00

           You can purchase tickets here.

Area restaurants 

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Summer Concert Listings for Entire New England Area @

NotesWant to know if there are any summer world music happenings at your favorite local entertainment venue? Then just head on over to for complete concert listings and more. The venues are listed in alphabetical order so its easy to find the one you are looking for. Most of the events on the front page are for the earlier part of the summer, but if you click on the readily available link to the venue’s website, you can get access the rest of their summer schedule. Who knows? If you take the time to browse through the entire venue listing, you might discover some new locations for world music entertainment that you’d never even thought of before. Just one last tip. The main music section comes first, but you might want to check out the other categories of listings which follow including classical music, theater, and dance.

                                 summer c4

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Enhance Your World Music Experience by Keeping Up with the Local Scene! – Subscribe to World Music Boston

Here you’ll find all kinds of suggestions as to how you can access great world music entertainment in Boston and the surrounding area. Just read my “About” page for further details. Even if you are not from Boston, this information can be very useful in a more general way. Aside from the specifics, you will get an idea of all the different types of settings in which you can enjoy world music. Then look for similar events and entertainment venues in your local area.

Just look in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you’ll see the email subscription link. Enter your email address in the form provided and you’re all set. You can read the complete text of each post just as it is in your email, but if you go to the actual site I guarantee you that the format will be a little neater.

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Local Afrobeat Sensation Rubblebucket Orchestra in Concert – (June 20th – Saturday at 9:00 p.m.)

rubbleb 1Rubblebucket Orchestra is a highly successful local band with 10 members, all from diverse backgrounds. As a result, they have a very unique multi-faceted style which has been described as a fusion of Afrobeat, rock, neo-psychedelic soul, and West African funk. The group’s leaders Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver are also members of the nationally known reggae band, John Brown’s Body. The instrumentation of the group includes vocals, brass, keyboard, guitar, percussion, and a West African stringed instrument called a N’goni

Formed in 2007, Rubblebucket Orchestra has already well established their popularity in the Northeast and continues to be on the rise. They were named “Best New Band of 2008” by Seven Days Vermont and were also the winner of the 2008 Jam Off! competition hosted by Relix Magazine. They recorded an album in 2007 entitled Rose’s Dream.  I know that this post is last minute, but the great thing is that they are a local band, so you will have plenty of other chances to hear them if you miss them this time around. You can check out their concert schedule right here.




Concert Details :

When: June 20th – Saturday @ 9:00 p.m. 

 Where: Harpers Ferry / (Directions)

Tickets: $10.00

           You can purchase tickets here.

Area restaurants 

Rubbleb 3

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