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Tango Anyone??? – Tango Society of Boston, Inc. (Weekly Dances Every Wednesday Evening)

Tango 3The Tango Society of Boston, Inc. is a true local advocate of the Argentine Tango. They have been steadily promoting this dance genre since 1997 and are proudly accepting large numbers of new members to the organization on a regular basis. They recruit members with all levels of dance experience from the most advanced to the total beginner and are proud of the diversity of backgrounds which their membership represents. The Wednesday night weekly dance parties include 1 hour of instruction at the beginning of the event, so there’s no reason to be shy, even if you’ve never before done the tango in your entire life! Aside from these dances, the society also regularly holds a “special” event on the third weekend of every month. Some of the dance events take the form of milongas (Tango socials) and may include live music while others are varied in structure, often very creative and innovative. The society also offers classes, workshops and seminars. Seminars are given mostly by Argentinean instructors, many of whom are internationally renowned. 

Become a member of the society for $15.00 a year which entitles you to special discounts and other benefits. There are even greater discounts for student members. If you just want to keep informed as Tango 4a non-member, then you can join their mailing list. Check out their calendar for listings of  Tango events and classes being held throughout the New England area, as well as radio programs which will provide  you with great Tango music for your listening pleasure. Dial in and keep informed of local happenings on their 24 hour TangoLine at 617-699-OCHO (6246). You can also access society news on Facebook

Their web site contains additional information with respect to Tango music, such as where to purchase it and listings of experts on the subject, many of whom are available to act as DJ for your dance event.  There is also a section containing Tango links of interest world-wide and a useful introduction for new residents of and visitors to Boston who wish to get involved in the local dance scene.   

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