Support Boston’s World Musicians Through Microfundo

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Micro1Microfundo is a lending program that supports world musicians in their career development. What I like so much about this concept is that you (the fan) can directly support artists of your choice, while knowing that any funds you contribute will go directly to them and only to them. In order to contribute, you must go Microfundo’s website and register first. Then browse the list of musicians and projects they are aspiring to complete. This is the fun part, since there are audio samples to explore in each profile. Once you locate an artist of interest, click on the lending button and process your contribution.


 Since this  a lending program, the idea is that you will eventually see your contribution come back to you in its entirety. This happens once the artist begins to sell their music tracks on either National Geographic’s or Mondomix’s websites. Aside from enjoying the sheer satisfaction of being able to lend a hand to talented world musicians in need, you can also expect to receive additional bonuses for your efforts. Suggested possibilities include: special access to shows, rehearsals, studio sessions, dinners and parties, unreleased tracks, informal jams, and after-show gatherings. Once funds are returned, you can re-lend them or keep them for yourself. Its entirely up to you! Local world musicians participating in the Microfundo project include: Sabor y Memoria, Zili Misik, Atlas Soul, Luisa Sobral, and Alex Alvear & Mango Blue. This not to say , of course, that you will not find some non-locals you wish to support. Either way, this is still a great cause! If you have any further  questions about this program, check out these FAQs. 


Short on personal funds, but still want to lend your support? Then you can join Microfundo on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or view their videos on Youtube.



Zili m 4    


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