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Don’t Miss Boston’s First Jewish Music Festival: One Whole Week of Top-Notch Cultural Entertainment – March 6th – 14th

The Boston Jewish Music Festival (March 6th-14th) looks indeed to be a full week of some of the very best in world music entertainment! This musical extravaganza is designed with the aim of further uniting the local Jewish community through it’s exposure to some of the native culture’s best and brightest international and local stars, while entertaining the rest of us non-Jews as well. The opening concert will start things off on a “high note” with performances by Klezmer revival greats The Klezmer Conservatory Band along with prolific recording artists Golem. Other well-known names appearing throughout the week will include Ladino star Flory Jagoda, platinum recording  artists Habanot Nechama of Israel, and the increasingly popular Israeli vocalist, Ruth Dolores Weiss.

Audiences will be treated to international Jewish music of all genres from classical to folk to rock-n-roll, and everything in between in the form of concerts, workshops, lectures, parties and more, designed for listener’s of all ages.  Events are to be held at various concert venues throughout  the Boston area. Take a look at the festival brochure for performance details, complete with photos of the participants. If you want a general idea as to what the festival is all about, as well as a bit of an education on certain aspects of Jewish music, then you will find this article from the Phoenix to be of interest. 

In order to obtain tickets, just visit the festival web site and look in either the Event Info or Tickets sections for purchasing details which will vary with each individual event. If need be, you can also contact the event organizers for further info.

If you are interested in further supporting the Boston Jewish Music Festival, there are various ways to do it including donating either funds or your time, or just by keeping abreast of  local news relating to the festival itself or Jewish music in general. In order to stay informed, you can read the blog or join the mailing list (see far right of web site screen). However, the very best way to support this most valuable cultural cause is, of course, to simply come to the festival and enjoy it!  And don’t forget to tell others all about it so the event will become even bigger and better next year.




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