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Belly Dance New England: A One Stop Source of Info on Belly Dancing and the Music That Goes with It

The Belly Dance New England web site aims to be a catch-all for information related to belly dancing in the New England area. True to its word, it provides listings and articles related to many different aspects of the art. From a world music/dance perspective,  you’ll find a ton of info here. First and foremost, there are local event listings both on the homepage and in the calendar section. There’s also a nifty little feature area entitled Sequins of Events (love the clever play on words here) which contains articles of miscellaneous interest, including additional event announcements, reviews and other news items. For a list of individual dancers and their performance dates, you can check out this link. By the way, if you’re still looking for opportunities to support the Haitian relief efforts, they have provided a separate listing for such benefit events specifically.

Looking for a great way to express yourself, get exercise, and at the same time be able to listen to lots of Middle Eastern music? Why not take up belly dancing for a little fun. I do, myself,  and absolutely love it! The best part though, I have to admit, is just moving my body to all that wonderful Arabic music. Belly Dance New England can get you started in this wonderful activity with their listings of teachers and available classes, as well as local vendors which specialize in belly dance oriented products, including music. 

I also want to make special mention here of this music education link. What a great place to explore if you just want to learn more about the belly dance music genre in general, or as it relates to the New England scene locally. Now that I  have given you some of the highlights of all that Belly Dance New has to offer to the world music listener, go ahead and poke around the web site and see what you can discover for yourself! Subscribe to their RSS feed for event updates and/or to their bi-monthly online magazine, for more in-depth information from the belly dance world.

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Haitian Relief Benefit Concert at Johnny D’s: Don’t Miss International Star & Haitian Singing Icon Emeline Michel in a Special Appearance – February 18th, Thursday @ 7:30 p.m.

Listen to Emeline Michel.

On Thursday evening, February 18th, Johnny D’s in Somerville is the place to be for fantastic world music and dancing fun. All of the proceeds from this Haitian relief benefit concert will go to support Oxfam America in their efforts to bring much needed aide to the citizens of this country in crisis. Headlining the show will be one of Haiti’s biggest and brightest stars ever, songstress Emeline Michel, to be accompanied by Boston’s local world music greats Zili Misik, Samba Tremeterra, and Alex Alvear

Singing sensation Emeline Michel has been dubbed “The Queen of Haitian Song” and is enjoying a stellar career spanning over two decades thus far. Also an accomplished songwriter and producer, she has endeared countless fans of her native homeland and world-wide with her mesmerizing stage presence and trademark style, which is a blend of traditional Haitian beats such as compas, rara, and twoubadou and other genres including, jazz, pop, bossa nova, and samba. All this is punctuated with wildly popular socially concious, uplifting, and though-provoking lyrics. 

From gospel singer at her local church, Michel’s career has propelled her to national  stardom, not only in her native Haiti, but where she has lived elsewhere in her travels, including France, Canada, and the United States. She has gone on to become a favorite amongst singing fans in the Caribbean area and world-wide, as well.  After landing numerous recording contracts in all of the countries where she has worked during this lengthy career, she has now formed her own production company, Production Choral De Feu, in order to better project her own pure artistic vision to the rest of the world. This vision has earned her such honorable performance invitations as to be the leading act at former president Clinton’s 2006 Clinton Global Initiative, a prestigious gathering of over 2,000 of the world’s most influential leaders and philosophers. 

Don’t miss out on what promises to be a night of  fabulous entertainment. Best if all, its for such a great cause!


Event Details :
When: February 18th – Thursday @ 7:30 p.m. 
Where: Johnny D’s Uptown (across from the Davis Square T stop) 

Admission: $20.00 cover charge (Table reservations optional) (Dinner menu)

More Info:  617-776-2004 


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Keep Tabs on Boston Area Reggae Events with Reggae 4i

If you want to be sure and not miss out on any of the major reggae concerts which are happening in and around Boston, then you certainly want to keep connected with the folks at Reggae 4i  on a periodic basis, as they list  some of the biggies on their web site. Although these event listings are not meant to be extensive, they are definitely informative and worth taking a look at now and then. The site also contains lots of sound links for your listening pleasure, which are the courtesy of artists represented by KRucial Reggae, a local agency. Some of these musicians are based in the Boston area, so if you like what you hear, you can make it a point to attend some of their performances in person. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the Reggae 4i newsletter, you will be treated to free MP3 downloads  and special discounts.



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