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Inca Son Comes to the Boston Public Library: Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Hear A Beautiful, Rarely Performed Genre of Peruvian Folk Music

Listen to Inca Son.

Native American Peruvians Inca Son began their illustrious performing career in the Boston area as street musicians in Harvard Square and have been a popular favorite of local, national, and international fans for over twenty years. They continue to play in the Square on occasion, and when I am lucky enough to be in the area when one of their outdoor concerts is on, I always stop what I am doing to listen and enjoy. Happily, I own one of their cds as well. This group not only performs the folk music of the Inca tribe from the Andes mountains of Peru, but also additional traditional genres which originate from other parts of Latin America. According to Peru’s president, Alejandro Toledo, these musicians are “the finest Andean group north of Peru”.  

As one of a very few groups who still perform the Andes Incan folk genre, it is Inca Son’s hope that through their music they can continue to bring about a world-wide awareness and appreciation of their native culture. They always perform in authentic traditional costume on exotic folk instruments, most of which are skillfully crafted by those who actually play them. The group’s basic instrumentation consists of the Peruvian pan-pipes, which have been in use for over 2000 years, and the 10-stringed  Charango guitar fashioned from an actual armadillo of all things. No kidding! Combine all of these elements together and what you have is an exquisitely beautiful and exotic soundscape presented against a brilliant backsplash of colorful fabrics and costume adornments. To me, their music is also very peaceful and soothing.

Inca Son has won both the Boston Music Award for Outstanding World Music Act and the Boston Phoenix Readers’ Poll as Best World Music Group. Above and beyond these accomplishments, however, they are currently considered to be among the best world music ensembles in the entire world and have claimed a number international awards to prove it. They have performed at such prestigious venues as Epcot Center, the National Geographic Museum, Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and on stage at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Visit their web site for more info, performance reviews, photographs, and to order cds.  

If you do attend this special performance at the BPL, I promise you that you will not only be highly inspired by the beautiful music of Inca Son but  you will also walk away with a very valuable cultural education as well.

Concert Details:


Where: Boston Public Library @ Copley Square

Venue: Rabb Lecture Hall (Ground floor of the Johnson Building)

When: Thursday, May 13th (2:00-4:00 p.m.)              

Admission: Free to all

For additional info. contact: 617-536-5400 / x2339

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