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Dance to the Sweet Beat of Africa and Beyond … with Uhuru Afrika: Events Sponsored Monthly

Join Uhuru Afrika for a great evening of world music entertainment and dancing enjoyment, featuring African music not only from the mother continent itself but from other regions of the world as well. Aaaah yes, the musical African diaspora is alive and well. Let popular local djs Adam Gibbons and Max Pela be your hosts, as you dance the night away to some of the best African influenced music around, either live or recorded. These dance party events have been going strong monthly for 2 years now, and as an added plus, sometimes feature live solo drumming performances, ethnic food, big-screen visuals, and more. Those of you who know me well enough by now, know that it gives me great pleasure to inform you that all, or at least of a portion of, the proceeds from these events go towards supporting the dedicated efforts of NextAid, an African relief organization that assists the children, youth, and women of the continent who are in need as a result of AIDS-related issues or other hardships. They staunchly believe, as of course do Ithat world music is a very effective tool in gathering public support for humanitarian world causes. For more info on Uhuru Afrika’s events call them at 617-497-1544 OR visit their website OR email them at You can also visit them on Facebook for additional information on African music and cultures from all around the world , complete with audio and video links for your listening and viewing pleasure. 

There are not one, but three Uhuru Afrika events scheduled for the month of December including: 2 Year Anniversary/World AIDS Day Benefit with all proceeds going to NextAid (12/11), Jump (12/16), and New Years Eve Bash (12/31). So, why not treat yourself to a fun-filled evening of African music out on the dance floor while lending a helping hand to some of our fellow world citizens in need.



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