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Show Off Some New “Moves” at Those Up and Comming Holiday Latin Dance Parties Compliments of the Experts at Moves & Vibes

Upcoming holiday fundraiser for the renovation of Club Benifica which is the partial home to Moves & Vibes. (further details at the end of this post) 


Whether you are an experienced Latin dancer or just a beginner, let the good folks at Moves & Vibes get you up and moving with ease on the dance floor this holiday season. This particular dance studio specializes in Brazilian dance genres, so you know you have come to the right place when it comes to learning forro (video), samba (video), zouk (video) , or axe (video). Depending on your individual taste, these styles each offer you, the student,  a different type of dancing experience. You can choose from zouk (a slower more intimate style), the salsa-like forro (emphasizing a dancer’s musicality and degree of connection with their partner), Samba de Gafieira (an elegant style, displaying characteristics of both the tango and Brazilian samba), or axe (a high energy dance which can actually be done without a partner). 

Learn from the pros including Glenio Oliveira with 15 years of teaching experience and an accomplished  professional dancer in his own right, his dance partner and former student Inna Podshivalova, originally from Moscow and an avid dancer from childhood, and Lize Tibirica, the ax specialist, who is not only an instructor but a choreographer as well. Moves & Vibes offers a full schedule of group classes, private lessons, and dance parties. If you’re in a crunch for time and can’t engage in a full series of lessons, then why not take advantage of their individual drop-in rates. Keep up with all that is happening at Moves & Vibes either by joining their mailing list or following them on Facebook.


DANCE CLASSES: See class schedule and homepage on their website

Fees are $40.00 (series of 4 lessons) OR $15.00 (individual drop-in session)

Private lessons can be scheduled through Inna ( OR Glenio (617-970-1248)


Special dance parties are held every Wednesday and Thursday night in Harvard Square (lessons are included)

Additional opportunities to enjoy social dancing are also offered (see class schedule or homepage on their website)

DIRECTIONS: Club Benifica Om / Fire & Ice

MORE INFO: 617-820-0829 OR 617-970-1248 OR visit their website  

On December 12th, Club Benifica is holding a holiday fundraiser to support  renovations to their facility. All attendees will enjoy an art and jewelry exhibit, raffle, appetizers, and, of course, plenty of dancing. (complete with special dance performances) 


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