Help Reverse the Devastating Effects of Global Warming Now!: Join the Enormously Talented Cast of the “Playing for the Planet” Benefit Concert for a Superb Evening of String Music from Across the Globe: Friday, November 11th @ 7:00 p.m.

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I am extremely pleased to announce the coming of yet another fabulous world music production held in honour of our planet’s most precious and vital natural environment. If you are already familiar with New England Conservatory professor Warren Sender’s highly successful  “Playing for the Planet” series then do check out the impressive performance roster for November’s concert, but if not, then read on for further details regarding a most important ongoing humanitarian effort centered around reversing the global warming trend and the ghastly havoc it is wreaking upon our environment at this very moment … Yikes!!!
“Playing for the Planet: World Strings Against Climate Change” is already the 5th installment in a performance series  that very effectively joins great world music with a great world cause.  At this point, I am going to let the creator of this highly important series describe it to you  in his own words, as he has already so beautifully done so: “Playing For The Planet: World Strings Against Climate Change” was conceived as a way for these creative musicians to contribute to the urgent struggle against global warming. Because the climate problem recognizes no national boundaries, the artists represent musical styles from different parts of the globe. Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, Durga Krishnan, Eliot Fisk/ Zaira Meneses (duo)  and their accompanists may present different melodic and rhythmic concepts, but they share key musical values: listening, honesty, creativity, and respect. And, of course, all of these artists and their accompanists are committed to raising awareness of the potentially devastating effects of global warming. Their choice of beneficiary,, is focused on building global consensus on reduction of atmospheric CO2 levels — action which climatologists agree is necessary to avoid catastrophic outcomes. It’ll be an incredible evening of  powerful music- from some of the finest musicians in New England and the world.”–Warren Senders. 
“Playing for the Planet” this time around will be:
Eliot Fisk – Known for his highly progressive and innovative classical guitar transcriptions of compositions by some of the world’s greatest masters, Mr. Fisk continues to expand both the technical and artistic limits of his instrument.  The great Andres Segovia, himself, refered to him as “one of the most brilliant, intelligent and gifted young musical artists of our times, not only among guitarists, but in all of the general field of instrumentalists.” In addition to classical genres Fisk has also experimented in the areas of jazz, flamenco, and world music, and while in the process, has worked with a number of internationally renowned artists. He is the creator of the annual Boston Guitar Fest, a highly popular local event. (More bio & videos / Artist’s website)
Zaira Meneses – Meneses has captivated audiences world-wide with her highly evolved musical sensitivity and endearing stage presence, both as a featured soloist and member of numerous chamber ensembles. Already an award-winning classical guitarist at the early age of 17 in her native Mexico, she has gone on to become a world-class performer appearing at major venues world-wide, oftentimes in collaboration with the likes of top artists such as Jon Kimura Parker and Virginia Eskin. Now a resident of the US, Meneses’ exceptional musical abilities have been recognized by the New York Times. After serving several terms as an artist in residence in the collegiate world,  she presently holds steady positions at both Boston Conservatory and Syracuse University. (More bio & videos / Artist’s website)     
Durga Krishnan – Well known as a veena virtuoso, Ms. Krishnan is also an exquisitely trained vocalist as well as a leading authority on South Indian classical music styles. Her especially insightful interpretive skills with respect to this genre make her a highly sought after teacher, as she has coached many an award-winning student. In addition, she has graced the international stage both as a performer and composer as well.  She will be accompanied by mridangam virtuoso Sri Gaurishankar Chandrashekhar who has collaborated with many of the world’s top musicians during his 15 year career. (More bio & videos / Artist’s website)            
Mehmet Ali Sanlikol – Professor Sanlikol holds a doctorate in music from New England Conservatory and has enjoyed a highly successful and varied career, both locally and internationally, as a performer, recording artist, composer, teacher, author, and producer. He has concentrated most of his efforts in the area of traditional and contemporary Turkish music while working with Turkey’s brightest international classical and pop music stars. His 2010 production entitled “Story of the City – Constantinople-Istanbul”, a comprehensive live performance depiction of over 1000 years of local music history, was presented at the city’s prestigious European Culture Capitol festival. Dr. Sanlikol will be appearing with the highly respected local Turkish music ensemble Dunya which he, himself, co-founded. (More bio & videos / Artist’s website)
 In October of 2009, I had the fortune of attending an earlier concert, the first, also put on by Mr. Senders for the same wonderful cause, this time in recognition of “International Climate Change Awareness Day.” As an ardent lover of world music, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. Here is a summary of some of the highlights of that event, complete with photos. As I have said so many times before, it is truly a wonderful thing when world music can be employed as a catalyst in support of global well-being in any form. Kudos to Mr. Senders for giving us, the audience, yet another opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful project, complete with such exquisite music!

Event Details:

All proceeds of this event go to benefit the mission of

When: Friday, November 11th @ 7:00 p.m. 

Where: Emmanuel Church (Boston)

Tickets: $20.00 (General Admission) (Online purchase) / $15.00 (Seniors and Students) (Online purchase)

Advance purchase options for tickets are available until 3:00 p.m. on the day of the concert (Purchases made after 11/8/11 will be held at the door)    

More Info: 781-396-0734 OR

(Area Restaurants)


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