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Follow Along with Vocal Sensation Kiran Ahluwalia as She Takes Ancient Indian Musical Traditions to a Whole New Level: November 20th, Sunday @ 9:00 p.m.

With her exquisitely lyrical, yet emotionally charged vocal style, international singing star Kiran Ahluwalia has been intriguing and captivating  audiences worldwide with her own originally composed versions of traditional ghazals and Punjabi folk songs. Her compositions have been known to possess a distinct unearthly quality, making them all the more compelling. Coming to Canada from India, as a child, Ahluwalia was naturally drawn to more “serious” music normally thought to be far to sophisticated for someone her age. In fact by the age of 7 she was actually capable of singing ghazals, despite their characteristically poetic lyrics of advanced literary quality centered around the most passionate of subjects. Naturally following her destiny to become a classical musician, she studied diligently for 10 years under the tutelage of her Indian mentor and soon was on the rise to fame. In addition to her popularity as a performer on the international stage, she has also achieved monumental success as a composer, eventually becoming a key factor in the developement of the ghazal as an evolving art form. Ahluwalia loves to embrace the challenge of effectively blending diverse musical elements together that would otherwise appear to be totally incompatible. Her compositional style thus lends itself naturally to that of world fusion and she incorporates a wide range of styles and elements from various cultures into her finished products including: Portuguese fado guitara, sub Saharan percussion, Celtic fiddle, Pakistani qawwali vocals, the rhubab of Afghanistan, and African blues, to name a few. Although she definitely brings a contemporary flair to her own originally composed ghazals and Punjabi folk songs, it is her intention to create music that is progressive yet still somewhat characteristic of its old original style and therefore appealing to various generations of listeners both young and old, and thanks to its globally diverse nature, from various regions of the globe as well.

Kiran Ahluwalia has enjoyed success as an award-winning recording artist for the past decade. Starting in 2001, her cd entitled “Kashish Attraction” was nominated for the prestigious JUNO award and just two years later her release “Beyond Boundaries” was a winner. Yet again in 2005, she received another JUNO nomination for her cd “Wanderlust”. In 2009 she won top honors in the highly prestigious Songlines Music Awards contest in the newcomer category.  As a result of her world fusion interests Ahluwalia has formed successful performance partnerships with some of the leading names in the music industry representing a wide range of genres including classical, jazz, indigenous folk, and electronica. Her latest  collaborative effort, featuring flavorings of African blues, is a new cd release entitled “Aam Zameen” on which she performs with Malian superstars Tinnariwen and another international success, the band Terakraft. Ahluwalia’s audience at Johnny D’s will be both intrigued and inspired, to be sure, as she shares her latest groundbreaking interpretations of Indian folk song genres.



Event Details:

21+ (In some cases minors can attend with an adult and a dinner table reservation – please call and inquire)
When: November 20th, Sunday @ 9:00 p.m.

Where: Johnny D’s Uptown (Somerville)

Tickets: $12.00  (Online purchase highly recommended – $3.00 fee)

                           Dinner/Appetizer  Menu

More Info: 617-776-2004 OR 617-800-9720          

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