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Escape the Doldrums of Winter Via a Trip to Warmer Lands with the Folks at The Beehive During and Enchanting Evening of Music, Dance and Cuisine of the Middle East: February 7th, Tuesday (8:00 p.m. – 12 Midnight)

It may be cold outside, but it will definitely be hot and steamy inside during The Beehive’s Middle Eastern Night. Come on in from the cold and warm up with an exotic evening of  live music, ethnic cuisine and belly dancing, compliments of some of the Boston’s best performers. Feast upon specially prepared Arabic dishes such as Moroccan cigars with lamb filling, mezze platters, and couscous ala Beehive to the globally inspired sounds  of The Pharohs. Udi Joe Kouy-Oumjian and Harry Bedrossian (keyboards), Mal Barsamian (saxophone & clarinet), and Garo Papazian (drums) and their guest Za-Beth (zills), will serenade you with a whole host of Arabic, Mediterranean, Armenian, and Middle Eastern genres.

Topping off the evening will be nationally renown belly dance artist, Phaedra Rose. Dancing since the 1980’s, this highly talented entertainer is known for her sensual style  further enhanced by its distinctive soulful qualities. She will be joined by local colleagues Raquel, Akasha, Amera Cristine, and Neylan. (Check out the video links) So, why not “forget” that its winter for just a little while with an evening of “super hot” Middle Eastern inspired cultural entertainment at Boston’s Beehive.

Phaedra Rose

Event Details:

When: February 7th, Tuesday (8:00 p.m. – Midnight)

       Restaurant & Bar open (5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.)   

Where: The Beehive (Downtown Boston)

Admission: No cover charge listed

More info:  617-423-0069 

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Travel Back to “Old” Armenia with the Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble: January 17th, Monday @ 8:00 p.m.

The Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble are a group of musicians with a heartfelt mission to bring traditional Armenian music to audiences at large in its very purest and  most authentic form. This is the folk music of the ancient, once free and independent, Armenia of 3000 years ago, before it’s culture was diluted at the hands of the country’s oppressors who infused it with Turkish, Russian, and Arabic influences. Luckily, the loyal citizens of the Armenian diaspora have started a worldwide cultural trend aimed at “purifying” the performances of their native music, rendering them free of these outside influences.

Under the capable leadership of director Martin Haroutunian, the virtuosos of the Arev Ensemble employ the use of both ancient folk and more modern native instruments in order to effectively recreate the truly authentic sound of Armenian music in its original form. Founded in 1989, the group continues to develop and increase its popularity. Haroutunian credits this success to their involvement with the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational Society’s Boston chapter where they have been active since 1999. The current membership includes Martin Haroutunian on dap, duduk, zurna, kopal dhol, shviparkapzuk, pku, and sring (blul), John Kozelian on oud, Ani Zargarian and Tamar Melkonian on vocals, and Markos Shahbazyan on dhol. The Arev Ensemble holds a strong belief in the ability of music to inspire positive social change, as do I and countless others. In recognition of this they have recorded a cd in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, in the hope that their music will remind the world of the old peaceful and prosperous Armenia that once was,  while serving as a beacon of hope for the country’s eventual return to its original state of existence. So, why not come on out to the Club Passim and be not only entertained but also inspired both musically and philosophically by the message behind the powerful and refreshingly authentic music of the Arev Armenian Folk Ensemble.








Event Details:

When: January 17th, Monday @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Club Passim (Harvard Square)

Tickets: $15.oo (General admission) / $13.00 (Members)

  Purchase tickets and/or reserve a table online

  Purchase tickets by phone: 617-492-7679 

More Info: OR 617-492-5300

(Area Restaurants)


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Innovative Jazz Sound with World Music Flare – The MUSANER Project

Musaner 1The jazz fusion artists of the MUSANER project experiment mainly with folk sounds from Armenia and the Balkans, however you might also recognize overtones of  American as well as other European folk genres in their music as well. Whether the group is performing compositions of their very own or arrangements of existing folk tunes, the musical goal of each piece remains the same. The idea is to be able to incorporate  new and innovative musical structures within each work, while retaining the purity of the original folk tune upon which it is based. The result is a very distinctive and interesting jazz sound all their own. The project’s membership currently includes 10 very accomplished musicians on saxophone, flute, clarinet, accordion, double bass, piano, percussion, and various folk instruments, not to mention additional guest artists from time to time. Join their mailing list if you would like to keep up with the group’s current activity, but whatever you do, make sure to checkout their music


Musaner 2

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