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Cape Verdean/Portuguese Icon Sara Tavares Performs at the Berklee Performance Center – Saturday, November 21st @ 8:00 p.m.

Listen to Sara Tavares.

Sara Tavares is presently considered to be Cape Verde’s tavares2leading musician. Although originally of Cape Verdean heritage, Tavares was raised in Lisbon which remains home. The star has maintained a strong connection to both cultures throughout her musical career and has thus become an icon of the Cape Verdean Diaspora movement. She remains steadfast in her commitment to promote this island country’s culture world-wide through her music. Although of universal appeal, her songs speak most directly to the youth of the Portuguese-speaking Diaspora. She hopes that her musical messages will instill in them a strong sense of cultural identity, something she struggled to find for herself as a Cape Verdean young person growing up in Portuguese society.

All of this cultural upheaval in her early life has resulted not only in the heartfelt messages of her lyrics, but also in a unique and intriguing global fusion style of music allTavares1 her own. Although she sings mostly in Cape Verdean Crioulo (Creole), the lyrics of her songs are also in Angolan, Portuguese, and English. It has become her signature trade mark to incorporate the use of slang as well. Her intensely global music style is a combination of Afro-beat, reggae, jazz, and Cape Verdean bossa-nova, along with touches of Afro-American soul and gospel. Although her album Mima Bo (1999) was a great hit in Portugal, she took a five year hiatus from recording in order to return to Cape Verde and immerse herself in the local culture there. It is her next album Balance (2006) which therefore truly displays her mature signature style for the first time. Here is a sampling from her latest release Xinti (2009).       

Tavares began her musical career as a teen pop phenom, however,  eventually turning to gospel music. She founded Portugal’s first gospel choir, whose membership consisted entirely of African-Portuguese vocalists. Recognition commenced with first place in two major national TV contests in Portugal which resulted in an invitation to represent the country in the 1994 Eurovision song contest. Tavares also gained a following for her rendition of “God Help the Outcasts” from the original soundtrack of the move The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Most notably however, is her 2007 nomination in the category of Best Newcomer at the then prestigious BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards. It would seem that this very promising and relatively young career is only beginning and that many more accolades will surely come the Cape Verdean star’s way.






Concert Details :

When: November 21st – Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Berklee Performance Center

Tickets: $28.00 & $22.00

         Available at Crash/Arts or by calling (617) 876-4275

(Neighborhood Restaurants)


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