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Experience the Instrumental Music of China with Canada’s Prestigious Yellow River Ensemble: September 22nd, Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m.

Listen to the Yellow River Ensemble.

The Yellow River Ensemble, under the direction of Kim Morris-Chow, is one of Canada’s most renowned performers of  traditional and contemporary Chinese instrumental music. The group’s membership includes highly accomplished professionals from the faculties of York University and the University of Toronto, virtuoso soloists, and premier members of the highly esteemed Toronto Chinese Orchestra. In addition to their national appearances, they have toured internationally as well, traveling to the United States, Great Britain, Poland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. They have performed for high government officials and have been featured numerous times on China’s national network CCTV. In addition to Dr. Chow-Morris, the distinguished membership of the Yellow River Ensemble includes Jaro Dabrowski, Patty Chan, and Miriam Sue. They will entertain you to the ethnic sounds of the dizi, xiao, zhongruan, hulusi, gaouhu, erhuguzhena, and various percussion instruments.

As director of the ensemble, Dr. Kim Chow-Morris lends her extensive scholarly background and performance expertise to the group’s development. A well-established virtuoso in her own right, she has been a steady performer on both Western and Chinese flutes (dizi and xiao) for over 20 years and is currently honored as Canada’s top Chinese musician. She holds a PhD in ethnomusicology as a Chinese instrumental music specialist and ultimately established Chinese music programs at both York University and the University of Toronto. She has studied traditional Chinese music with some of the most highly respected masters and has received numerous grants and awards for her work. In addition to her membership with the Toronto Chinese Orchestra, she has performed around the globe with some of the world’s most renowned Chinese and Canadian-Chinese virtuosos. She has also been invited to play for top Canadian and Chinese government officials, appeared on television, and been featured in magazines. Wednesday evening’s performance by the Yellow River Ensemble presents a special opportunity indeed for Boston area residents to experience top quality Chinese instrumental chamber music.














Event Details:

When: September 22nd, Wednesday @ 7:30 p.m.

Where: Wheaton College (Mary Lyon Hall’s Woolley Room)

Admission: Free

More Info: 508-286-3644 (Betsy Cronin)

(Area Restaurants)                       

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Experience the Cultural Heritage of China’s Guizhou Province Like It has Never Been Experienced Before at the Wind of Colorful Guizhou Spectacular: September 5th, Sunday @ 7:00 p.m.

The Wind of Colorful Guizhou cultural extravaganza has already left its overseas audiences in absolute awe and now thankfully its our turn to be razzled and dazzled here in the US. This powerful award-winning production  showcases, and I mean literally showcases, seventeen different cultural minorities of China’s Guizhou province in grand theatrical style in the form of folk songs and dances, drama, and poetry. 







Follow along with national singing star A Youduo, known to fans as the “Miao Nightingale”, as she introduces you the various native dress, ceremonies, and overall ways of life of the local people of  the region. She will be accompanied by a star-studded cast of performers who will entertain you with lyrical ancient Chinese solo and choral folk songs and intricately choreographed folk dances complete with acrobatics. All this will be highlighted with spectacular stage effects and over 500 exquisite and highly colorful costumes.







The show has already toured  successfully in Europe and China, as well as other parts of Asia. In fact, it was a big hit and therefore it should come as no surprise that the director just happens to be none other than Ding Wei, who was responsible for that all-spectacular opening ceremony at the summer olympics in Beijing. Furthermore, this already great show has since been redone and made even better with added choreography, which is now even more intricate than before. So, come see what all the buzz is about and be amazed along with the rest of the world as you experience the cultural pageantry that is the Wind of Colorful Gizhou.

Event Details:

When: September 5th, Sunday @ 7:00 p.m.

Where: John Hancock Hall  (Downtown Boston)

Tickets: $25.00, $30.00, $50.00 (VIP)

             Purchase online here


Boston Book Shop  (617-451-1309)

China Bookstore (617-426-0888)

C-Market (III) (617-338-8811)

Kam Man Food (617-328-1533)

Chinese Language Schools

More Info: 617-610-3636

(Area Restaurants)         

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Experience the Traditional Music and Dance of China In an Innovative Multi-Dimensional Setting with the Tsinghua Art Troupe – Tuesday, April 13th (7:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

Watch the Wolf  Totem dance. The Tsinghua Art Troupe will give their rendition of it during the show!

The highly distinguished Tsinghua University of China is so honored to be commemorating their 100th anniversary that they are sharing the grand celebration with the rest of the world by sponsoring a tour of their resident performing artists. Fortunately for us, Boston is one of  the stops on this special celebratory journey! Founded in 1958 with the aim of promoting the Chinese traditional arts, the award-winning Tsinghua Art Troupe is comprised of some 1,000 plus faculty members and students who perform in several individual specialized music and dance ensembles. What they are bringing us is a small cross-section of the whole, 60 faculty members and 45 students to be exact, which is representative of the variety of  performing art forms which make up the structure of this huge multi-faceted organization. The show, appropriately entitled “Tsinghua Dream Flying Abroad”, will include Chinese folk art presentations in the form of various instrumental, choral and dance ensembles, appearing either separately or together on stage. There’s even a selection from the Peking Opera to make things all the more interesting. This show, in all its diversity, is not only entertaining but educational as well, as the audience is presented with a true survey of  the Chinese traditional performing arts all within a single performance.




Event Details:

When: April 13th – Tuesday (7:00 – 9:00 p.m.)

Where: UMass Boston Campus Center

Tickets: $25.00 / $15.00 (students)

Receive up to a $10.00 discount by purchasing early

More Info: (617) 287 – 6900

(Neighborhood Restaurants)



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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2010 through Music with the Boston Chinese Chamber Music Group – Sunday, February 28th (2:30-3:30 p.m.)

After their well received performance of last year, the Boston Chinese Chamber Music Group returns to the Boston Public Library to ring in the Chinese New Year. Welcome in the Year of  the Tiger, while being serenaded with the ethnic sounds of  Chinese traditional instruments such as the Guzheng, Erhu, and bamboo flute. Performing since 2001, this ensemble includes many award winning artists amongst its membership, so you know that you will be in for a real treat indeed!  To top it all off, there will also be ethnic dance performances as well. This promises to be a family-oriented and economy-friendly (free) performance, so come on over to the public library and bring  along the whole gang along! 




Concert Details:

Where: Boston Public Library @ Copley Square

Venue: Rabb Lecture Hall (Ground floor of the Johnson Building)

When: Sunday, February 28th (2:30-3:30 p.m.)              

Admission: Free to all

For additional info. contact: 617 – 536 – 5400

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Celebrate Chinese New Year 2010 with the Chinese Folk Art Workshop at Their Dance Extravaganza – Saturday, February 27th @ 3:00 p.m.

Join Boston’s youth, ages 12-18, as they celebrate the Chinese New Year through native music and dance. The students of the Chinese Folk Art Workshop will present their authentic renditions of traditional performance rituals such as Dragon Dance, Lion Dance, Taiwanese Drums, Chinese YoYo, and more. You can visit their web site  for further information including descriptions of these dances and rituals, reviews, and photo albums.

The Chinese Folk Art Workshop enhances local community awareness of Chinese culture with over 30 performances a year. It is their mission to encourage Chinese-American youth to develop and share with others, their innate talents in the field of  traditional Chinese performing and visual arts through their series of regularly offered classes. Their most valuable cultural achievements within the Boston community were officially recognized in 2005, when the workshop was certified as a Gold Youth Organization through the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program.






Event Details :

When: February 27th – Saturday @ 3:00 p.m.

Where: Villa Victoria Center for the Arts  (Jose Hernandez Cultural Center) 

Admission: Free

            (Neighborhood Restaurants)


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Boston Public Library Family Event – Youth Dance Exhibition from China and Beyond (Apr. 22nd – Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.)

Don’t miss this very special performance brought to you chu-ling-11by the young students of Boston’s Chu Ling Dance Academy. The program will include Chinese folk and classical, and Latin dances. Students from ages 7 – 10 years will perform the Xing Jing (named after world renowned Chinese dancer/choreographer), New Year’s Fan, and Spanish Gypsy dances. Those in the 14 – 20 year age group will bring you the Tibet, Butterfly, Umbrella, and Latin dances. Featured soloists will perform the Sword or Running Dance. 


Here is a Video Clip of the Fan and Sword Dances as performed by the Chu Ling Dance Academy.


Academy director Chu Ling established her dance school in 1998. Since then, with the aid of others,  she has taught approximately 300 hundred students, from preschoolers to adults, the fine art of traditional Chinese dancing, while broadening their experience with exposure to other dance genres. Already an accomplished choreographer in China, Ling brought her talents to the United States and has since established herself as a well-known dance teacher, performer, director, producer, and choreographer throughout the Boston area and beyond. She has also given lectures, authored various publications, and won numerous awards for her artistic accomplishments.                                         


Although the majority of students who attend the Chu Ling Academy are of Chinese heritage, all nationalities are welcomed within its walls. Students perform annually at both First Night and First Night Summerbeat and have appeared at various other festivals and events in the Boston area. Chu Ling Dance has also held student recitals and sponsored the performances of major artists from Mainland China and New York City. The schools primary mission is to instill in Asian youths a deep respect for traditional Chinese culture which they in turn will share with the American public through their various dance performances. It is through this mission of artistic and cultural diplomacy that Chu Ling Dance hopes to make a significant contribution towards the strengthening  of cross-cultural ties between the Chinese population and the rest of the world.                                  



Concert details:

When: April 22nd – Wednesday @ 10:30 a.m.

Where: Boston Public Library @ Copley Square

                  Rabb Lecture Hall (Ground floor of the Johnson Building)

                  (Area Restaurants)

Admission: Free to all 

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