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Join Gregorio Uribe and His Big Band for some of the “Very Coolest” in Columbian Style Jazz and Funk: January 20th, Friday @ 7:30 p.m.

As a youth, Gregorio Uribe set out on a self-conducted musical tour of South America. Curious about all of the various genres of Latin music in existence at the time, he exposed himself to as many of them as he could, often in the most informal situations. Then it was off to pursue a more formal education in jazz studies at Boston’s Berklee College of Music where he graduated with honors. All of this diverse musical exposure served as a solid basis for Uribe to eventually create his own Latin genre, still distinctly Columbian, yet at the same time, highly unique and personalized as well. In fact, this new take on the music of his native homeland met with such success that it actually received the stamp of approval from the legendary Ruben Blades and international stars Aterciopelados and Bomba Estero, all of whom invited him to join them in a performance. Uribe formed his Gregorio Uribe Big Band to serve as the perfect showcase for his original compositions and re-arrangements of folk and other traditionally Columbian works. This 16-member ensemble has been known for its immense sound which is a combination of Afro-Columbian rhythms, elements of samba, jazz, and funk. 

Boston CD Release Show

Gregorio Uribe and his band have come to Boston to preview their latest cd “Pluma Y Vino“, a new venture which brings out the ensemble’s versatility. Although their original musical style remains much the same, it has been re-introduced in a much more subdued manner. Audiences will be enlightened to a quieter, yet more sensual side of  the ensemble, much of which features Uribe’s vocals and solo guitar passages. His masterfully poetic lyrics speak of the ups and downs of Columbian life, taking listeners on an intense yet ever shifting emotional journey. The music itself is still highly characterized by the presence of  Columbian folk and other Latin rhythms, including cumbia, currulao, bolero, bellerengue and trova, but in keeping with the ever-changing nature of the lyrics expresses many diverse moods, which are further enhanced through a wide variety of instrumental textures.

Gregorio Uribe and his big band enjoy a regular fan base in NYC and have also been a big hit during previous visits to Boston.  With respect to their latest cd release, it would seem that they have superceded their own already highly notable previous artistic accomplishments.  Let’s welcome them back with open arms in excited anticipation of their latest musical evolvement! 


Event Details:

When: January 20th, Friday @7:30 p.m.

Where: Regattabar at the Charles Hotel (Harvard Square)

Tickets: $20.00

               Purchase online here

More Info:  617-395-7757

(Area Restaurants)


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