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Experience the Amazing and Highly Unique Sound of Tuvan Throat Singing as the Alash Ensemble Comes to Boston – Friday, March 5th @ 8:00 p.m.

Listen to Alash singer.

The unique character of Tuvan throat singing is based upon the capability of the human voice to produce multiple pitches simultaneously sometimes up to four at one time, and in some cases, with lyrics no less. That’s an awful lot for one voice to handle. This amazing vocal technique is the most highly valued cultural treasure that Tuva, a tiny republic of Russia, has to share with the rest of the world. Unique to this region located in southern Siberia next to Mongolia, this manner of singing was long hidden from global view, practiced only by the local herdsmen in the area who initially developed it.    

The Alash ensemble, named for a Tuvan river, is steadfast in its mission to bring this ancient intriguing vocal art to audiences around the world. Not only do they sing, but they also accompany themselves on a myriad of ethnic instruments, often adorned with carvings of  horses’ heads, as horses hold a special place of honor within their native culture. Even though these musicians are highly trained in Tuvan traditional styles, they also have a great respect for and love of  Western music genres as well, and consistently bring elements from them into performances of their own native repertoire. This practice they say is a way of not only assuring the group its own special musical identity, but also of keeping the ancient  genre of throat singing in a highly important continual state of development and growth. 

I highly recommend that you take a look at the group’s web site if you have any further interest in more information of any kind. There is a ton of material here! Some of the highlights include, background on the vocalistsTuvan throat singing techniques , and  ethnic instruments used for accompaniment (complete with sound and/or video), media coverage of  Tuvan life and culture, performance reviews, a photo gallery, and a cd store. Go ahead and poke around to see what else you can find on your own in addition. All in all, if  you’re looking for a unique and educational listening experience, I can guarantee you that you will find both at this special performance of the Alash ensemble.





Concert Details :

When: March 5th – Friday @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Amazing Things Art Center (Framingham)

Tickets: $22.00, $21.00 (students and seniors), $19.00 (members)

            Purchase online or by calling (501) 405-ARTS/x2787

(Neighborhood Restaurants)




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