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Music Make’s the World a Better Place for All: Become Truly Inspired as the Playing for Change Tour Comes to Boston!: November 17th, Wednesday @ 8:00 p.m.

Catch the Playing for Change fever!

The Playing for Change show is indeed a very special tour designed to tune its audiences in to the inspirational power of world music with its inherent ability to encourage global peace, understanding, and empathy. As an ardent world music fan, I, myself, am already keenly aware of this power and believe very passionately in it!

 “Playing for Change” is actually an entire movement centered around the mission of  “Connecting the world through music” and this selective group of talented musicians have come together in honor of this all important goal. The roster for the evening includes, Ilan Ba (Senegal, guitar, no further info), Mohammed Alidu (Northern Ghana, percussion), Clarence Bekkar (Netherlands/Suriname, vocals), Grandpa Elliot (New Orleans, vocals & harmonica), Mermans Kenkosenki (DRC Congo, vocals & percussion), Jason Tamba (DRC Congo, guitar), Titi Tsira (South Africa, vocals), Juan Carlos Portillo (Venezuela, no further info), Louis Mhlanga (Zimbabwe, guitar), Reggie McBride (Detroit, bass guitar), and Peter Bunetta (Los Angeles, drums). Check out these videos to experience some of these musicians in action.  


The “Playing for Change” project actually grew out of a wildly popular film project turned YouTube video which received more than 30 million views over the internet! Stand by Me” is a collection of film clips of various musicians from all over the globe performing this very same song with its projected theme of universal togetherness. Each performed in his or her own totally personal, intimate, and informal environment so as to inspire the utmost in  personal creativity and heartfelt sharing with respect to this all important musical message for the rest of the world to hear. The film’s very popular reception went on to inspire a PBS music special and eventually the entire “Playing for Change” movement which continues to grow and develop as we speak, largely due to the efforts of Grammy and film award-winning producer, engineer, and director Mark Johnson. Presently the project is centered around three major organizational entities which include the musicians’ Playing for Change Band which performs benefit concerts and tours, the Playing for Change Foundation which supports music education and related activities in impoverished areas of the world, and the Concord Music Group which markets the project’s cds and videos. I am not going to go into further detail here because there is so much additional valuable information which is easily accessable on the aforementioned organizations’ websites. Rather, I would urge you to visit these links, poke around on your own, and see if you don’t yet become inspired to get involved in this most wonderful of world music causes. But … the best introduction to “Playing for Change” one could have at this point would be, of course, to attend this highly inspirational upcoming concert.

Come and join in the “Playing for Change” global unity movement!!! 




Event Details:

When: November 17th, Wednesday @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Symphony Hall (Downtown Boston)

Tickets: $26.00 – $56.00

  Purchase tickets Online ($5.50 fee per ticket) OR Call 888-266-1200

More Info: 888-266-1200  OR

(Area Restaurants)

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While Your Sunday Afternoon Hours Away to the Sweet Sweet Sounds of Reggae: Sunday Afternoons (11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

Let Errol Strength & D’Conscious Band whisk you away to the balmy Caribbean on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Your journey begins at West End Johnnie’s scrumptious brunch. The band, which has been performing for 25 years and counting, consists of six Jamaican born musicians on vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums. They are led by  Errol Strength, a very talented singer/songwriter who has produced many a recording in his time and shared the same stage with such reggae greats as Jimmy Cliff and Steel Pulse. His voice has been likened to that of the legendary Bob Marley, and  plays a key role in defining the bands characteristic sound.


Then of course, what is brunch without great food? West End Johnnie’s has you covered with the likes of 1919 Molasses Glazed Wings (marinated in a house Jamaican jerk rub, to fit the mood, then grilled and coated with a molasses glaze), Lobster & Sweet Potato Chowder (chunks of lobster in a rich sweet potato and vegetable laced soup), Banana Crepe (cheesecake and banana filling with a cinnamon and sugar dusting), and Johnnie’s House Burger (8 ounces, topped with applewood bacon, glazed onions, and fontina). You can check out the rest of the menu while you’re at it. In addition, there are some drink specials as well. Enjoy a Bloody Mary for $7.00 or a Mimosa for $5.00. So remember- great food, fantastic reggae, each and every Sunday afternoon at West End Johnnie’s.



Event Details:

When: Sundays (Weekly – 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

Where: West End Johnnie’s (Downtown Boston)

Admission: No cover charge

     Reserve a table online.

More Info: Contacts

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Hello Again Reggae Fans!!! Get the Lowdown On Who’s Playing Where @ The Boston Phoenix

Lo and behold! I have just discovered The Boston Phoenix’s “Find Concerts” search page. If you are looking for live reggae music, this a great source of info for you. Just go to the left side of your screen and limit your search by genre (reggae) and you will be greeted with a nice neat listing of upcoming performances. Upon searching the Phoenix’s data base today I got 31 hits. The live reggae music scene does appear to be alive and well in Boston!

There are no specific genre searches available for any other type of world music, but you can use some of the other search features on the page to your advantage in this respect. For instance, at the top of the page you will see that you can check up on a specific artist of interest or limit the data base by performance venue. This second feature is particularly helpful with respect to those places that host a rather large number of world music concerts. If you’re a fan of this genre, you know which ones they are and are bound to find some performances of interest this way. You can also make your perusal of the general data base more manageable by limiting your search to a specific date or neighborhood location of interest. Then as a last resort, if you don’t mind getting involved in a fair amount of browsing, you can look through the overall listings for artists and clubs to see if you happen to spot something. I myself, successfully located a belly dancing show by incorporating some of these aforementioned search techniques. All in all, the The Boston Phoenix’s “Find Concerts” page is a real gem for reggae music fans, and with a little ingenuity on the part of the user, can also be quite helpful to those seeking other forms of world music entertainment. Check it out and see for yourself!   


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Which of Boston’s Irish Pubs Actually Host Live Irish Music? Get All the Answers Online at the Boston Irish Emigrant

Boston surely has no shortage of Irish pubs- no question about that! For world music fans however, the question is just exactly which ones offer the “real deal” in Irish music entertainment? Afterall, to me, what is an Irish pub without its native music? Unfortunately, if you think at all like I do, tracking down the “right kind” of establishment where you can spend a truly enjoyable Celtic-style evening out can become quite an undauting task indeed! Happily I have just discovered a nifty little tool that will definitely take a lot of the drudgery out of pub hunting, Phew! It’s an online publication entitled the Irish Emigrant and what makes it so effective is its highly specialized searching capabilities. You can successfully zero in on exactly what you are looking for in no time. Let me give you a tour of some the highlights…

Finding Your Way Around  The Irish Emigrant 

You can begin your search in the publication’s Boston edition section. Go to the upper left-hand corner of the front page and click on Boston, then on “Pubs & Ent” from the drop down menu which will take you to a list of Irish pubs. You can then limit your search by “MA” (you must actually click on it even though it may be already highlighted) or even by specific cities or towns within the state. How cool is that? There are descriptive entires for each pub on the list, many of which include a listing of upcoming performers. If you look at the top of the “Entertainment” section within each entry, you will see a row of icons which stand for the kinds of activities hosted at that particular establishment. For our purposes here you can stick with the ones representing Trad. Irish music (double fiddle) and/or Irish Seisiun (single fiddle). In case you are unfamiliar with Irish sessions, I can tell you that they are basically set-up like and informal jam-fest of traditional music. Many of them feature professional performers among any number of the locals who might show up to play. They are a lot of fun for the audience, as well as the musicians.

Now back to the front page again, but take a look instead at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Click on “Pub Gigs” and you will get a listing of upcoming live performances of, including but not limited to, Irish music. Limit the list to Massachusetts and you can retrieve a local listing organized either by performance date or a specific pub of interest. Now go back to the front page upper right-hand corner again and click on “Entertainers”. Once you limit your search by state, you will get a listing of local musicians and their upcoming pub gigs. These names are not limited to performers of Irish music however, so you will have to do a little exploring on your own of the various individual entries. 

Last, but not least, I would like to point out my most favorite search feature of all- the filter! Return one last time to the front page of the Boston edition and click on “Pubs & Ent”. When you get to the listing of pubs, go to the top of the page and click on “Filter”. Then limit your  search to “MA” and “Trad. Irish Music” and/or Irish Seisiun entertainment offerings and Voila! You have produced for yourself a nice neat listing of  Irish pubs in Massachusetts where you can reliably go to enjoy live Irish music.  I can guarantee you that, from now on, the  Irish Emigrant will make your life a whole lot easier with its comprehensive coverage and well-organized  searching capabilities.                            



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Hey Boston-Area Klezmer Music Fans, Come to the KlezmerShack for the Latest Local News and Reviews

Looking for Klezmer music entertainment in the Boston area? Then pay a visit to the KlezmerShack and check out their nifty KlezCalendar. Although this web site itself is not tailored exclusively to the Boston area by any means, the author is local and there is definitely a home-oriented presence here. There are plenty of relevant event listings to be found and this section is searchable by keyword, a nice little feature that makes things a whole lot easier for Boston users. There’s even a link provided for those who want to share a local event announcement of their own with the rest of us Bostonians.

Of course, it was the KlezCalendar that originally got me interested in the site, but there is a whole lot more great local info to be had here, as this web site is devoted entirely to Klezmer and other Jewish music genres. The blog, which is also keyword-searchable by the way, contains additional local event listings, reviews on concerts, cds, and videos produced by artists in the area, regionally oriented podcasts, and other music news of interest. There are tons of video clips throughout, thus giving the reader ample opportunity to enjoy the sound of lots of wonderful Jewish music. All cds which have been reviewed by the author are listed in one place, so that they can be browsed more easily. There are artist’s directories included for both individuals and ensembles. The ensemble directory is additionally categorized by geographical location and there is a nice long listing provided for Massachusetts. One last section I wanted to point out here is the listing of Jewish music radio programming airing from Massachusetts. This is really helpful, as it can be very difficult indeed to isolate and locate programs of specific interest. I encourage you to go ahead and poke around this very interesting and in formative web site on your own, as I have given you just the local highlights here. Oh, and one last thing, if you have any interesting tidbits relating to Klezmer/Jewish music that you want to share with your fellow Bostonians, feel free to email the author. He points out that his visitors, most of all, love to read descriptions of local concerts and other regionally oriented music news. Got a question you want answered? Even if it’s related to the local music scene in our area only, go ahead and post it anyway on one of the mailing lists the author has provided. You just never know who might have the answer- no matter how specific it is!  


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St. Patrick’s Day Is Fast Approaching: Get a Heads-Up On All the Upcoming Musical Celebration with the Boston Irish Tourism Association (BITA)

St. Patrick’s season is just around the corner! That’s right- I did say season because in Massachusetts, which is hailed as the most Irish-American state in the entire nation, it is a long-standing tradition that this particular holiday be celebrated for a lot longer than just one day. That’s  definitely good news, of course,  for local Irish music fans. The best way to assure yourself that you do not miss out on any of all this upcoming action is to keep informed of  concerts and other related events well ahead of time. You can do just that by visiting the web site of the Boston Irish Tourism Association (BITA).

First and foremost, you definitely want to take a look at their March event calendar which lists quite a lot of the local holiday happenings taking place in the area. Musically speaking, I noticed amongst the listings several wildly popular artist’s names such as The ChieftainsThe Celtic Tenors, and Riverdance, to name a few. So, buy your tickets now as some of these events are sure to sell out. You might also want to peruse their informative summary article which will give you an overall picture of the local festivities for this year.

Don’t stop at St. Patrick’s season though, because BITA’s web site is a good source of Irish music and dance event announcements no matter what time of the year it is. For instance, in the Cultural Venues section, mention is made of a few annual music/dance festivals that look to be very entertaining indeed. Under Cultural Groups you will find listings for performers, Irish music radio programs, and local cultural organizations. If it’s live music entertainment in an informal setting that you are seeking, then take a peek at the Pubs & Restaurants section. In addition to their informative press releases on various events, which can be found in the Media section of the web site, BITA also publishes their own handy little annual magazine entitled Irish Food and Culture Guide. It can be obtained for free at the tourists’ kiosks either in Copley Square (corner of Boylston and Dartmouth streets)  or at the Boston Common (Tremont street side).



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Belly Dance New England: A One Stop Source of Info on Belly Dancing and the Music That Goes with It

The Belly Dance New England web site aims to be a catch-all for information related to belly dancing in the New England area. True to its word, it provides listings and articles related to many different aspects of the art. From a world music/dance perspective,  you’ll find a ton of info here. First and foremost, there are local event listings both on the homepage and in the calendar section. There’s also a nifty little feature area entitled Sequins of Events (love the clever play on words here) which contains articles of miscellaneous interest, including additional event announcements, reviews and other news items. For a list of individual dancers and their performance dates, you can check out this link. By the way, if you’re still looking for opportunities to support the Haitian relief efforts, they have provided a separate listing for such benefit events specifically.

Looking for a great way to express yourself, get exercise, and at the same time be able to listen to lots of Middle Eastern music? Why not take up belly dancing for a little fun. I do, myself,  and absolutely love it! The best part though, I have to admit, is just moving my body to all that wonderful Arabic music. Belly Dance New England can get you started in this wonderful activity with their listings of teachers and available classes, as well as local vendors which specialize in belly dance oriented products, including music. 

I also want to make special mention here of this music education link. What a great place to explore if you just want to learn more about the belly dance music genre in general, or as it relates to the New England scene locally. Now that I  have given you some of the highlights of all that Belly Dance New has to offer to the world music listener, go ahead and poke around the web site and see what you can discover for yourself! Subscribe to their RSS feed for event updates and/or to their bi-monthly online magazine, for more in-depth information from the belly dance world.

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Keep Tabs on Boston Area Reggae Events with Reggae 4i

If you want to be sure and not miss out on any of the major reggae concerts which are happening in and around Boston, then you certainly want to keep connected with the folks at Reggae 4i  on a periodic basis, as they list  some of the biggies on their web site. Although these event listings are not meant to be extensive, they are definitely informative and worth taking a look at now and then. The site also contains lots of sound links for your listening pleasure, which are the courtesy of artists represented by KRucial Reggae, a local agency. Some of these musicians are based in the Boston area, so if you like what you hear, you can make it a point to attend some of their performances in person. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the Reggae 4i newsletter, you will be treated to free MP3 downloads  and special discounts.



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Get the Inside Scoop on Some of Boston’s Hottest Latin Music Happenings Via BostonLatino.TV

What attracts me most to Boston Latino TV‘s brand of  event coverage is their extensive utilization of video formatting  as a  means of getting their messages across. Their site (www.bostonlatino.TV) is just chocked full of interesting and informative video clips, including great behind-the-scenes footage you won’t find elsewhere. There’s nothing quite like being informed of an event as you are actually experiencing the feeling of  being there, at least to a certain degree. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish either. All of the narrative is in plain English!   And, as is always a big plus for the world music fan, there is plenty of  audio to be heard and enjoyed.

BostonLatino.TV will keep you informed of upcoming local events while featuring the major ones in their coverage, so you know which ones are predicted to be “hottest”. Enjoy video clips of  live concerts given by international stars on tour in Boston and afterwards, you can even go back stage with reporters who will treat you to exclusive interviews. The staff will also let you in on some of the latest local gossip currently buzzing around the Latin entertainment world along with their best photos of local and international celebrities and event attendees. In addition to what’s immediately in view on the home page, you can access most all of this neat info in either the Around Town or VIP Access sections. One of my favorite sections of the site though, is the Music section which features local Latin artists and audio links to samples of their music.  

Subscribe to the station’s newsletter or peruse their calendar of events in order to keep informed of local happenings on a regular basis. If your interested in tuning in to an actual broadcast, you can consult the schedule to see when BostonLaino.TV is on the air.         

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Keep Up-To-Date On All the Latest Live Music Happenings Around Town with Boston Live Magazine

Bostonl6Boston Live Magazine is an extremely comprehensive reference source for live music action in the Boston area.  Available both online and at select local newsstands, it not only lists live music events of all types of genres, but also local ticket and concert venues, not to mention the inclusion of concert reviews and artist’s interviews. From the website you can access downloads of complete concert performances, podcasts, and live videos. Go to the band photos section and you will get a listing of local bands which is categorized by genre, an extremely valuable feature for finding out just who is playing your kind of music. For world music, categories that would apply include: reggae, Latin, Celtic, international, and world. 


If you decide that you want to take advantage of their membership offer then additional benefits are to be had. For $25.00 annually members of Boston Live gain access to a more complete listing of events, news articles, and extra little goodies such as contest offers and free ticket giveaways. Optionally, you can also have them send you a printed copy of their newsletter. Personally, I think that the price of membership is worth every cent, given the comprehensive nature of this valuable resource!


 Don’t try this one at home folks!!!       

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