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Keep Tabs on Boston Area Reggae Events with Reggae 4i

If you want to be sure and not miss out on any of the major reggae concerts which are happening in and around Boston, then you certainly want to keep connected with the folks at Reggae 4i  on a periodic basis, as they list  some of the biggies on their web site. Although these event listings are not meant to be extensive, they are definitely informative and worth taking a look at now and then. The site also contains lots of sound links for your listening pleasure, which are the courtesy of artists represented by KRucial Reggae, a local agency. Some of these musicians are based in the Boston area, so if you like what you hear, you can make it a point to attend some of their performances in person. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the Reggae 4i newsletter, you will be treated to free MP3 downloads  and special discounts.



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Get the Inside Scoop on Some of Boston’s Hottest Latin Music Happenings Via BostonLatino.TV

What attracts me most to Boston Latino TV‘s brand of  event coverage is their extensive utilization of video formatting  as a  means of getting their messages across. Their site (www.bostonlatino.TV) is just chocked full of interesting and informative video clips, including great behind-the-scenes footage you won’t find elsewhere. There’s nothing quite like being informed of an event as you are actually experiencing the feeling of  being there, at least to a certain degree. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish either. All of the narrative is in plain English!   And, as is always a big plus for the world music fan, there is plenty of  audio to be heard and enjoyed.

BostonLatino.TV will keep you informed of upcoming local events while featuring the major ones in their coverage, so you know which ones are predicted to be “hottest”. Enjoy video clips of  live concerts given by international stars on tour in Boston and afterwards, you can even go back stage with reporters who will treat you to exclusive interviews. The staff will also let you in on some of the latest local gossip currently buzzing around the Latin entertainment world along with their best photos of local and international celebrities and event attendees. In addition to what’s immediately in view on the home page, you can access most all of this neat info in either the Around Town or VIP Access sections. One of my favorite sections of the site though, is the Music section which features local Latin artists and audio links to samples of their music.  

Subscribe to the station’s newsletter or peruse their calendar of events in order to keep informed of local happenings on a regular basis. If your interested in tuning in to an actual broadcast, you can consult the schedule to see when BostonLaino.TV is on the air.         

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Keep Up-To-Date On All the Latest Live Music Happenings Around Town with Boston Live Magazine

Bostonl6Boston Live Magazine is an extremely comprehensive reference source for live music action in the Boston area.  Available both online and at select local newsstands, it not only lists live music events of all types of genres, but also local ticket and concert venues, not to mention the inclusion of concert reviews and artist’s interviews. From the website you can access downloads of complete concert performances, podcasts, and live videos. Go to the band photos section and you will get a listing of local bands which is categorized by genre, an extremely valuable feature for finding out just who is playing your kind of music. For world music, categories that would apply include: reggae, Latin, Celtic, international, and world. 


If you decide that you want to take advantage of their membership offer then additional benefits are to be had. For $25.00 annually members of Boston Live gain access to a more complete listing of events, news articles, and extra little goodies such as contest offers and free ticket giveaways. Optionally, you can also have them send you a printed copy of their newsletter. Personally, I think that the price of membership is worth every cent, given the comprehensive nature of this valuable resource!


 Don’t try this one at home folks!!!       

November 10, 2009 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment Great Source for Indian Music Happenings In and Around the Boston Area is one great local source of Indian music concerts. All of their events listings are categorized making browsing a snap. Further more, what’s really neat is that if you click on the category heading for a particular event, you will be given a list of all the events in that category. As nearly as I can tell, the main categories for music and related events are Music, Dance, and Show. Another nice extra, is that the folks at make it very convenient for you to purchase your tickets online, while your at it. If you’re interested in Indian dance lessons of any kind or local music or dance recitals, then be sure and check out their rather extensive directory of area cultural schools in the Music and Dance section. Register with and you can opt to receive their online newsletter which includes listings of the latest and hottest events happening in the area.  

Note: If the events page does not come up on your initial attempt to visit the site, be sure and check back later.  For some reason it appears to be a bit temperamental at times, but definitely worth a little patience on your part.


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Attention All Salsa Dancers!!! – Visit now, and Keep Up on All the Latest Dance Party Action and More

SalBos1If Latin dance party fun, especially Salsa style, is your kind of entertainment then is the site for you. I’ve already posted individually on some of the weekly dance parties around Boston. (See under Dance Parties in the categories listed on the right for some in depth event descriptions) What makes this particular site so great for local party goers, is that it provides a centralized and up-to-date resource for all the local action around town. organizes a number of weekly Salsa parties of their own, including cruises. You’ll find them all listed here along with other  local Salsa-oriented  dance events. There is a whole section devoted to Latin dance clubs, complete with reviews. You can also find Salsa instructors, local Latin radio/TV stations and explore links to other relevant sites. will even help you plan your next Latin event. Need a band, dj, professional dancers, or other services? Ask for their assistance and they will be glad to help you find just what you need for your special occasion in the way of reliable personnel. Now that I’ve given you the basic highlights of what you can find via a visit to, why not  call them up on the internet and do a little exploring on your own. Subscribe to their newsletter and keep up on all the latest goings on.


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Boston Brazilian Local Gateway To the Music of Brazil

NotesIf you are at all interested in Boston’s Brazilian music scene, make it a habit to visit Once you’ve arrived at this highly informative web page, you will be greeted with a list of Brazilian music and dance events which are about to take place in and around the Boston area. Here you will have access to all kinds of event announcements including, concerts, dance performances, parties, and lessons, lectures and workshops, festivals, CD release parties, and even cruises that offer ethnic music and food. If you want a more braz2complete picture of the variety of events listed here, then you definitely need to check out the  lengthy listing of past events, as well.

If you hang out here long enough, you will discover all kinds of local musicians, dance troupes, and performance venues (including bars and restaurants), which are connected in some way with Brazilian performing arts. More ever, this “gateway ” to Brazilian music and dance will lead you to other such gateways. Just refer to the list on the left-hand side of the screen and you will see listings of appropriate web sites. The organizations currently listed here include AfroBrazil, Brazil Arts World, and Harvard Brazil Studies, but there are local musicians included in the mix as well. Make it a habit to visit you will never be short of great opportunities to experience this wonderful genre of Latin music. 

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Keep On Top of Boston’s Greek Music Scene @

Attention Greek music enthusiasts!!! Check out this musical extraviganza happening (11/21/2009).

Listen to GB Radio.

gb3Get the latest hot local news and
happenings in Greek music at! For nine years, these folks have been bringing their readers updated info on where to catch the latest events around town. You might also want to check out their listings for restaurantsGreek organizationslocal musicians and DJs and more.


gb1But wait, it gets better yet! Their online radio station GB Radio brings you the latest contemporary Greek hits which can be individually downloaded or made into a compilation cd. Additional site features include listener’s reviews, music videos, musician interviews and web sites, and an automated song search index. There is even live internet connection available for radio stations actually located in Greece itself. One of my favorite attractions to this particular web site is the fact that you can keep up with the local Greek music scene while getting a taste of the international scene as well. What a great two for one deal! While your at it, why not subscribe to their handy little newsletter or check them out on facebook.





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