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Update!!! on Jose Mateo Ballet

Just in case you read my latest post on the Jose Mateo Ballet’s Cubania! earlier today (Wednesday), I have great news!!! At one point I noticed that the show was listed as entirely sold out, but since then a few seats have again become available for Thursday night’s performance. If you’re still interested, definitely check back to see if they are still available at this time. Call Lori Manzelli @ 617-354-7467. If you enjoy great dancing with your world music, then you’ll definitely want to keep tabs on future performances of this ballet theatre company as they are known for their multi-cultural repertoire. Just visit their website.   

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World Music Boston Will Be Back Soon!!!

The winter weather has certainly taken its toll on me, along with everyone else to be sure!!! As careful as I was trying to be, on January 18th the habitual trip to the grocery store  did not go well. I fell and broke my hip. Alas, the blog has met with some slow times as computer access during my recovery has been rather limited, but I have not lost my enthusiasm for the fantastic world music scene we have going on here in Boston!!! World Music Boston should be up and running as usual within the next few weeks. So until then I wish you all a safe winter season. Be careful and stay safe. 

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Experience the Unique and Varied Global Fusion Style of The Gnomes: a World-Wide Musical Smorgasbord!: Saturday, June 5th @ 8:00 p.m.

Listen to The Gnomes.

The Gnomes highly eclectic music style has been characterized as a rather unique brand of  “world fusion folk”. Their ethnically varied output consists of both originally composed and arranged compositions into which have been artfully incorporated elements of Celtic, Klezmer, Scandinavian, Caribbean, Asian, and Latin folk genres. Collectively, the membership of the band brings a vast and varied range of global music experience to the group as a whole, making it easy to see why they have become so successful together as a world fusion ensemble. Fiddler Cathy Jasper Torch picked up the erhu (Chinese fiddle) while living in China as a teenager. Phil Edmonds hales originally from Killaloe Co. Claire where he acquired his artistic skills on Irish tin whistle and button accordion. Bassist and singer Peter Breen lived for four years on the island of St. Maartin and once performed with the Blue Roots Reggae Band. Otis Read, a late 90s resident of Umbra, Italy is currently active as a performer, composer, and producer. Ron Schmidt has performed, composed and recorded with a number of  dance and world music ensembles.

The Gnomes are the proud recipients of the 2008 Motif Magazine Music Award for Folk /World Performance. Their cd entitled Everybody Must Get Gnomed presents a classic example of their highly ethnically varied fusion style as it includes many different genre forms such as: tangos, tarantulas, polkas, flamenco, Scandinavian waltzes, Sephardic hymns, Hasidic melodies, and Irish folk dance music. You can listen to it here. Come take a musically creative and intriguing trip around the world with The Gnomes.




Concert Details :

When: June 5th – Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.

Where: Amazing Things Art Center (Framingham)

Tickets: $16.00 (general public), $15.00 (students and seniors), $13.00 (members)

            Purchase online or by calling (501) 405-ARTS/x2787

(Neighborhood Restaurants)     


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