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Escape the Doldrums of Winter Via a Trip to Warmer Lands with the Folks at The Beehive During and Enchanting Evening of Music, Dance and Cuisine of the Middle East: February 7th, Tuesday (8:00 p.m. – 12 Midnight)

It may be cold outside, but it will definitely be hot and steamy inside during The Beehive’s Middle Eastern Night. Come on in from the cold and warm up with an exotic evening of  live music, ethnic cuisine and belly dancing, compliments of some of the Boston’s best performers. Feast upon specially prepared Arabic dishes such as Moroccan cigars with lamb filling, mezze platters, and couscous ala Beehive to the globally inspired sounds  of The Pharohs. Udi Joe Kouy-Oumjian and Harry Bedrossian (keyboards), Mal Barsamian (saxophone & clarinet), and Garo Papazian (drums) and their guest Za-Beth (zills), will serenade you with a whole host of Arabic, Mediterranean, Armenian, and Middle Eastern genres.

Topping off the evening will be nationally renown belly dance artist, Phaedra Rose. Dancing since the 1980’s, this highly talented entertainer is known for her sensual style  further enhanced by its distinctive soulful qualities. She will be joined by local colleagues Raquel, Akasha, Amera Cristine, and Neylan. (Check out the video links) So, why not “forget” that its winter for just a little while with an evening of “super hot” Middle Eastern inspired cultural entertainment at Boston’s Beehive.

Phaedra Rose

Event Details:

When: February 7th, Tuesday (8:00 p.m. – Midnight)

       Restaurant & Bar open (5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m.)   

Where: The Beehive (Downtown Boston)

Admission: No cover charge listed

More info:  617-423-0069 

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Begin 2012 on the “Right Note” to the Glorious Sounds of World Music: December 31st – January 1st (Saturday – Sunday)

As New Year’s Eve 2012 quickly approaches, I am happy to announce that opportunities abound in and around the Boston area to mark the celebration with an evening of world music. And why not, I ask? Here is a list of some of the ethnic-oriented music events taking place in and around town on this very special evening:

Tickets are selling out fast – Buy now!


Folk Arts Center of New England – International folk dance party featuring live music by Barbara Pixton and Friends. Refreshment buffet also included


Tango Society of Boston – Dinner and dancing

Venu NYE 2012 – Dj hosted dance party emphasizing Latin music with additional genres from around the world 

Mojitos – Dj hosted Latin dance party with all-you-can-eat buffet included 

Bella Luna Milky Way Restaurant and Lounge – Cuban-themed dinner followed by Latin dance party featuring The Lee Wilson Movement

Ryles Jazz Club – Dj hosted ballroom and Latin dance party

Havana Club’s New Year’s Eve Salsa Party – Dj hosted dance party featuring live dance performances by Salsa y Control. Salsa lessons also included

Weekly Saturday night entertainment – Canga Tapas Bar 


Glitz & Glamour 2012 (Geared towards 20s & 30s crowd)  –  Dance party hosted by djs spinning Bhangra and Bollywood hits


First Night Boston – Dance Party with award-winning band “Hot Like Fire” bringing you reggae and soca

Precinct – Dance party featuring reggae and ska fusion with the Doctor Doom Orchestra and Danny Pease & the Regulators


Irish Cultural Centre of New England – Dinner followed by dance party featuring live Irish music

Malden Irish American Club – Dinner and dance party with live Irish music by The Noel Henry Showband

The Black Rose  – Traditional Irish dinner and Happy Hour/dance party featuring live Irish music with Sundays Well, Jim Coyle, and Celtic Clan

The Burren Pub  – Join Helena Delaney and an accompanying all-star cast of musicians for live Irish music around the bar (listing not included on music calendar)

Four Green Fields – Join the Prodigals for live Irish rock music around the bar 

Middle Eastern/Arabic

The Red Fez – Dinner and dance party featuring live Arabic music and a belly dancer.

Weekly Saturday night entertainment – Kasbah Restaurant


Olympia Restaurant – Dinner and live Greek music with Enosis

Weekly Saturday night entertainment – Brothers Kouzina, Athenian Corner


Uhuru Afrika’s New Year’s Eve Fete – Dj hosted African dance party which includes live percussion performances by Sidy Maiga. Also enjoy African food and drink and an additional “surprise” live performance   

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Experience the Retelling of the Classic Christmas Tale of the Navity in a Whole New Light with the Ahlam Selene Arabic Dancers: December 11th, Sunday @ 7:30 p.m.

Extraordinary dancing, acting, and , of course musicianship is what the Ahlam Selene Dance Company’s  holiday production of the “The Little Drummer Boy” is all about. The Raks Nativity Theatrical Show is a retelling of the biblical tale through the most lovely and elegant art of Raqs Sharqi, commonly known in this culture as belly dance. Although this is the most widely embraced form of Arabic dance among the masses, Ahlam Selene has chosen to combine it with other lesser known forms of Arabic folk dance as well in order to bring audiences a dance showpiece that is especially well suited to effective story telling. In the true spirit of dance theater, each of these genres have been somewhat re-interpreted so as to heighten their dramatic impact upon the audience who is thus presented with a performance filled with emotional intrigue and enchantment, not to mention the added treat of a little humor now and then to lighten the mood.  The show was such a hit last year that 2011’s performance is actually a repeat. Also a repeat is the charity of choice for this year’s benefit event, “Cradles to Crayons“. In 2010, Raks Nativity raised $1,400 to provide the needy youths of Massachusetts with school supplies and other essentials required to afford them a healthy, enriching learning and living environment during childhood that will ultimately serve as a sound basis for a successful adult life. 

The specially featured role of the little drummer boy will be danced and played (with the assistance of fellow percussionists Amira and Alber) by Johara who is not only known for her dance skills but is quite the formidable doumbek artist as well. Imagine dancing and drumming at the same time! In addition to receiving numerous local, national, and international accolades as a performer she has also managed to build quite a versatile career as a choreographer, instructor, and events planner, earning the utmost respect of arts critics everywhere. She is currently the director, producer, and award-winning choreographer of Boston’s Snake Dance Theater Company. Learn more about her many notable accomplishments here.

This year’s additional line-up of talented entertainers includes: Cecilia al-Bahr, Susi GoodBadriya Al-Badi’a, Alaric, Alizah Afet, Qamar, NajmatNepenthe AhlamJemileh Nour, Maia SeleneLee Lynch, Angelo Scott D’Amato, Tricia Hopkins, Johanna Lynn, Aurel D’AgostinoAleksie, Anahit Karyan, and Samira.

Raks Naqtivity’s charitable goal this year is to raise $2,500 for “Cradles to Crayons” and judging from the fabulous success of the show last year, looks to do just that! What better way to usher in the holiday season than with a fabulous spectacle of world music and dance, compliments of the  Ahlam Selene Dance Company.


Event Details:

When: December 11th, Sunday @ 7:30 p.m.

Where: Cambridge YMCA

Tickets: $15.00 (General admission) / $12.00 (Group Admission– 4 or more)

                                        (Online purchase)

More Info:

Contact Nepenthe:

Contact Nadira:

(Area Restaurants)

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Experience the Ancient Folk Art of Korea in an Electrifying Spectacle of Percussion and Dance with the Ensemble SamulNori: November 11th, Friday @ 8:00 p.m.

SamulNori is an ensemble with a mission. They are steadfastly dedicated to the preservation and promotion of ancient Korean folk music and dance, most specifically with respect to the 5,000 year old genre of nongak. As Korea’s #1 folk ensemble, the group has already enjoyed great success in reaching their goal, managing to capture the favor of countless audiences both in their native homeland and in numerous countries abroad. Their performance consists of purely percussive music played on gongs and drums and shamanistic ceremonial dances in which the participants create unique and engaging displays of swirling visual patterns with long ribbons and feather plumes worn upon their heads. Under the most capable leadership of changgo master Kim Duk-SooSamulNori adds a whole new dimension of musical expression and intrigue to nongak an other centuries old traditional Korean folk genres, through the incorporation of new and original rhythmic patterns, sharp musical contrasts, and dramatic crescendos that rise at times from periods of complete silence only to culminate in passages of feverish musical activity. The complex and challenging choreography displayed within the dances only continues to add to the excitement of the overall performance as the artists showcase their highly  athletic leaps and spins, while playing their instruments simultaneously. The rave reviews attest not only to the quality of the showmanship but also to the production’s totally unique character as well.

Nongak is considered to be the fundamental basis  of all of  Korean culture as a whole. Although the genre is generally performed by percussionists who play and dance simultaneously, the members of SamulNori opt to present only the music so that it receives a maximum of artistic focus. The music itself is often referred to as farmer’s band and was originally performed as part of the harvest celebration throughout rural communities. Twice a year, in May when seeding their crops and again in October when reaping them, the villagers would celebrate 24/7 with group singing and dancing which involved hand clapping and foot stomping of specially prescribed rhythmic patterns. SalmulNori’s repertoire is characteristic not only of nongak, but also of shamanistic celebratory and religious prayer music, as well as additional ancient Korean folk styles. The group’s name actually translates to ” the playing of the four things”, in this case, referring to the quartet of musicians which serves as the core group of performers for most of the show. The “four things” more specifically include the K’kwaenggwari, ching, changgo, and buk.

SamulNori has developed an international reputation in a wide variety aspects. They have toured extensively world-wide appearing at major concert venues, joined artistic forces with some of world’s top musicians, recorded both cds and DVDs, and have also authored their own publication, while being featured in others. To attend one of their performances  is not only an opportunity to experience Korean folk art at its finest, but also to walk way with a most valuable education in Korean folk culture in general. 



Event Details:

When: November 11th, Friday @  8:00 p.m.

Also free lecture/demonstration: November 12th (1:00 – 2:30 p.m.) 

To be held @ Harvard University’s Holden Chapel in Harvard Yard  

Where: Sanders Theatre (Harvard Square)

Tickets: $28.00 – $40.00 (Purchase info)

More Info: 617-876-4275

(Area Restaurants)            


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Feel the Heat with Latin Music and Dance Stars Kings of Salsa & Cuba Ashire: Oct. 13th – 15th, Thursday thru Saturday (7:30 or 8:00 p.m.)

Kings of Salsa: Watch/Listen

Hot, hot, and hotter would definitely be a fitting motto for the Kings of Salsa. Known for their sensual and evocative choreography this dance company will surely captivate you with their one-of-a-kind mesmerizing dance movements. And better yet, they have the music to back them up, thanks to the efforts of Cuba Ashire.  Under the skillful directorship of Rodan Gonzallez Chavez, one of Cuba’s premier choreographers, this young troupe of nine of the country’s best dancers has quickly become all the rage in their homeland. Presenting their very own specially modernized action-packed versions of traditional tried and true Cuban dance forms including salsa, rhumba, cha cha, mambo, and various Afro Caribbean genres, they will introduce you to current urban youth dance culture such as it is today. Traditional Latin dance garb is at times replaced with common everyday street threads such as jean shorts and pants along with sandals for the feet. In addition to the standard choreography one would normally expect to see in a showcase of classic Latin dance genres such as these, the Kings of Salsa have brought their own set of special highly urbanized dance moves to the mix originating from hip hop and what is known as “street salsa” styles. The show was choreographed with a dual purpose in mind, both to honor the well-known, timeless Latin dance standards we all know and love while at the same time bridging the cultural generation gap through hip, now versions of these classics that are highly characteristic of the current Cuban dance scene experienced by today’s Latino youth. This same theme carries through to the music as well. The talented band members of Cuba Ashire, which features a big brassy sound backed up by highly intense rhythms, will bring you the very best renditions of familiar Latin standards, further embellished with a strikingly contemporary modern flair.

 The show has received rave reviews that give testimony to its lively and compelling intensity from beginning to end. The audience is ” virtually transported” to the warm sunny Caribbean where they are welcomed by enthusiastic dancers skillfully displaying their exceptional talents via highly sensual, energetic, and complex  choreography matched precisely to the music, note-for-note and highlighted with music and dance solos of exceptional quality. Cuba Ahire’s wildly infectious Latin rhythms have one and all moving in their seats with unbridled enthusiasm. The Kings of Salsa music and dance extravaganza is a showstopper to be sure! 






Event Details:

When: October 13th – 15th, Thursday – Saturday @ 7:30 OR 8:00 p.m. (2 hour show)

Where: Cutler Majestic Theatre (Emerson College)

Tickets: $65.00, $50.00, & $40.00 (Plus $1.50 restoration fee)  (Purchase info

More Info: Contact

(Area Restaurants)       

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Come Take a Musically Unique and Highly Impassioned Tour of Haitian-Cuban Life, Such as It Was, before the Great Revoution of ’59 with the Creole Choir of Cuba: October 1st, Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.

Ever wonder just how difficult life could get for an impoverished immigrant in a foreign land? Well, get set to hold on to your hat because the Creole Choir of Cuba has come to really tell it like it was with an impassioned and gripping performance that will surly stir your emotions and inspire your senses. This enthusiastic ensemble of 10 vocalists tell their musical tales of hardship and endurance through a series of generally high-spirited inspirational songs and dances originating from Cuba, Haiti, and Dominica. Although there is some use of percussion instruments throughout their performance, the main focus is clearly upon a purely a capella somewhat gospel-like vocal style,  that features an ever-present resounding bass-line which serves as a strong musical foundation. This group is known for their effective use of intriguing multi-layered harmonies set to Caribbean style rhythms, further embellished with contemporary Haitian musical touches for added audience appeal. The vast majority of the choir’s repertoire is sung in Creole. Widely spoken in Cuba, the language originated with the African slaves who were brought to the area and developed it through the practice of combining French, English, and Spanish words with those of their own native languages.

Each individual song in the choir’s repertoire is centered on an all important storyline, a little vignette as it were, of some aspect of everyday life in the existence of Haitian-Cuban sugar plantation workers during the late 18th, entire 19th, and mid-Twentieth centuries. Already brought to Haiti as enslaved Africans, they ultimately fled to Cuba, as a result of intolerable violence due to a Haitian slave revolt, either to continue on as slaves or as immigrants forced to live in little better than slave-like conditions until the Cuban revolution of 1959 freed them from a life wrought with the ill-effects of harsh discrimination. Each and every choir member is a direct descendant of these people, singing the very songs that were sung by their ancestors and directly handed down through generations. Needless to say, this speaks to the authenticity of each and every performance as well as it emotional purity. The group remains steadfast in their mission to effectively communicate the true-to-life stories of their ancestors to the rest of the world through their most passionate music, an endeavor that in recent years has become infinitely more relevant on a personal level as a down swing in the Cuban economy has left much of the present day Haitian-Cuban community, once again sadly, in somewhat of an impoverished state. But the Creole Choir of Cuba stands firm in their faith in the power of music to forever uplift even the most disheartened of spirits, just as it did for their ancestors all those years ago. I, myself, believe in that power as well! 


It is on the heals of an extremely well-received performance at the prestigious WOMAD world music festival in the United Kingdom this past summer, that the Creole Choir of Cuba comes to Boston as part of  their first US tour. There is no other music ensemble in all of Cuba that matches their unique style.  So come to their Boston performance well prepared to be highly educated, truly inspired, and most-of-all musically satisfied. 


Event Details:

When: October 1st, Saturday @ 8:00 p.m. 

Where: Somerville Theatre (Davis Square)

Tickets: $28.00 (Purchase info)

                             Online purchase

More Info: 617-876-4275 (Phone)/617-876-9178 (Fax)/



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Join Boston’s Global Performing Artists in Their Support of Greener Living: August 18th – 20th (Thursday – Saturday)

Learn how to lead a “greener” more environmentally conscious lifestyle both on a personal level and as a member of your local community at Boston’s annual GreenFest. Sonsored by the Foundaton for a Green Future, Inc. with Mayor Menino’s official stamp of approval, this event is the largest of its kind in its multicultural setting and is geared not only towards teaching the public how to live more efficiently with respect to the usage of our precious natural resources but also how to save money in the process. There’ll be all kinds of ecofriendly products, services, ideas, and info on careers and networking opportunities for festival attendees to explore in the form of workshops, interactive exhibits, demos and presetations, and even games and other kid-friendly activities. A huge highlight of the event will be, of course, the abundant live entertainment taking place continuously on three separate stages. And in keeping with the festival’s multicultural spirit, there are 20+ world music or dance acts included on the entertainment docket! Yes, world music fans.

Here is a list of these participants: Gilda Betancourt (Latin pop), Alex Deros (Latin music), Esencia Latina (Latin music and dance), EcoSalsa Fashion Show (accompanied by Jambalaya (Afrobeat and Samba music and dance), Samba dancers with Jambalaya musicians on stage with Juanitio Pascual and flamenco dancers, Kina Zori (traditional and contemporary African music from Mozambique and beyond), Capoeira (Brazilian blend of martial arts, sports, and music), Chu Ling Dancers (dances of China and beyond), YMAA Kung Fu demo, Jah-Free-I (reggae), Jahora Belly Dancing, Zili Misik (world fusion), Mamadou (West African and world fusion genres), Tiz Kompa (Haitian music and dance), CV Boys (Afrobeat, Zouk, and more), Offiong Bassey (African jazz, soul, and gospel), Endangered Speeches (reggae and other world genres), Inca Son (Incan folk music and other traditional and contemporary South American genres), Felipe’s Tia (Latin), Native American drumming and dance, Balla Kouyate (West African balafon virtuoso), Los Sugar Kings (Latin & Salsa), Bajucal (Columbian folk dance), Pana (Latin pop/rock), Flamenco Dance Project, Nia (martial arts blended with various dance and exercise movements), and a Bharatnatyam Dancer (classical art form of Southern India). 

Check out the GreenFest official web site for more details on event happenings. Now here’s your big chance to find out more on just what greener living is all about. And, as always,whenever you have a large number of world music and dance acts showcased in one convenient location at around the same time, therein lies a fantastic opportunity to discover some new favorites to add to your global entertainment list.


Event Details:

When: August 18th – 20th – (Thurs. Opening Concert – 5:00 – 9:30 p.m.) (Fri. – Noon – 9:30 p.m.) (Sat. – 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)

Where: City Hall Plaza (Downtown Boston)

Admission: Free

More Info: 617-477-4840 or 

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